Friday, 18 October 2013

A Little Teary...Maybe a Lot!

I wanted to ask for some prayer.  Tomorrow is the Heart Beats run and I'm really looking forward to it. It has also brought a great deal of emotion with it and the tears have been privately free flowing this week.  I've been going through Hope's drawers and her closet again, looking at her pictures and touching her things regularly.  I try to do this while Sadie is busy or away at school, but I sure do miss my little girl this week.

I'm pretty sure that spending a day with heart families and remembering our heart warrior has brought this on.  I'm looking forward to being with everyone, but I'm also terrified of the emotions that will come with it.  My left hip is extremely out this week and I woke up barely able to walk.  I have an appointment this afternoon to help correct this, but I know tomorrow will be a challenge.  Each painful step will be for Hope, Lincoln and all their friends fighting that difficult battle with CHD each day.  Please pray for our team and the other runners, the race begins at 9am Calgary time.

Thank you to everyone who has donated towards the run or to Heart Beats in general.  I set a lofty goal of $5,000 this year.  Just 21 hours away from the race I'm just over $4,000 and at 81% of my goal.  I'm not sure if I'll reach 100% by morning, but I feel so blessed to know that so many care and want to help families like ours in the midst of such a difficult journey.  Heart Beats is truly an incredible organization that offers such practical help to families.  They were a real encouragement to us and it is nothing short of an honour to help them continue in their amazing work.

To join our support team, go to and click on GIVING and then PLEDGE AN ATHLETE.  Then you can type in the name of the person you want to sponsor.  Shawn and I are both participating along with a lot of others some of you likely know.  It all goes to the same place!  Thank you.

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