Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Edmonton Bound

Tomorrow evening we depart for Edmonton and begin the planning for Hope's arrival at the hospital.  Sadie is going to stay with our friends in Calgary and will spend 2.5 nights away from us for the first time ever.  Hopefully she'll do well and won't cause them too much grief.

We're feeling very anxious about our trip and also realizing how little time is left before our move to Edmonton.  While there, we'll be taking a tour of the Ronald McDonald House, having an ultrasound and echo done at the hospital where I'll deliver, as well as meeting with all the doctors that will be involved in Hope's care at the Children's Hospital.  We've been told to expect an information overload and a huge dose of reality.  We'll be taken on a tour of the NICU and meet a lot of people that will be a part of our everyday life with Hope in Edmonton.

We're looking forward to having our questions answered, but also fearful to learn some of the answers to our tougher questions.  We're glad we'll be returning to Calgary on the Friday night and have the weekend together to process all we've seen and heard before Shawn returns to work on Monday.  We are so grateful for the company he works for.  They have been amazing through this entire process and completely understanding of our situation.  They have agreed to work with us through this journey and are truly a wonderful company.

Reality of our life in Calgary has also set in, we now realize how many projects we still need to finish around the house before Hope's arrival and that we only have 2 free weekends left to do them!  We are blessed with amazing friends that have agreed to help us out and we're hoping to have everything completed in time.  If only a painting company in Calgary would call randomly and say, "we want to paint all your window frames, door frames, doors and two bedrooms for you for free!"  I can dream right??  It would save our friends from a lot of sweat and hard work around here.

I'm trying to get organized and be sure I have everything in order before March arrives; paying bills, filing our taxes, packing things we'll need there and preparing things we'll need upon our return.  It's a good thing I like to plan, this is sure taking a lot of planning to put together and I'm sure I'll miss some of the things anyway.

We'll update you on the weekend about our time in Edmonton and the information we receive.  Until then, thank you for lifting us up in prayer as this is a tough week and we really need it!

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  1. May God bless your little family, and especially you and little Hope with much health and peace as you getting closer to meeting little Hope, and Hope meeting her family. Our prayers are with you all!