Thursday, 23 February 2012

A Whole Pound!!

Yesterday I went for another ultrasound, it's hard to believe a baby could need so many.  We got some great news at the ultrasound, Hope has gained a whole pound in the last two weeks!  The doctor was quite surprised as babies with HLHS tend to slow down their growth in the third trimester.  Hope is almost 4.5 pounds and is getting closer to a healthy weight for surgery.  We still have a month to go, we should be able to get her even bigger!

Every time we have an ultrasound or echo, we're always taken into a consultation room after to meet the doctor.  You would think that I would be used to this process and be able to relax.  Each time I walk down the hallway I get a terrible feeling as I think back to the first ultrasound that revealed Hope's heart condition.  Thankfully, we've been getting more positive news lately!

They booked another echo on Hope's heart for two weeks from now.  They want to look at her aorta and re-check the ASD to be sure there is still no narrowing taking place.  Thank you for praying for our little girl, it helped her gain a whole pound.  Please continue to pray that her aorta would grow at least a mm to make her a better candidate for surgery.

It is exactly one month today that we move to Edmonton.  It's coming quickly and we're starting to feel that pressure weighing on us as well.  I've been pretty good at starting to get the house organized, but I still have a long way to go.  Hopefully I can be productive in the next month and not get too overwhelmed.  If you love to organize, I have a storage room that needs some serious help! haha

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  1. If I lived closer I would be there in a heart beat to help! Im so thankful that we serve an incredibly faithful God that listens and responds to our prayers! Xox