Tuesday, 27 March 2012

It happens...

Within an hour of posting the last blog we had quite the eventful evening.  I had some leaking just like the start of my labour with Sadie.  This was really discouraging as I've been praying my labour with Hope would be nothing like my labour with Sadie.  I've been praying that I would start having contractions before my water breaks or that they would begin immediately after.

Emotions quickly kicked into full gear and we started planning our next steps.  We called the hospital and were told that even if we were unsure, we needed to come in because of Hope's condition.  The hospital was VERY busy but we were shown directly into a labour and delivery room where they began to monitor Hope.  She was doing excellently and moving around a great deal.  After a few hours the doctor came in and tested for amniotic fluid and didn't see any leaking.  He went and ran a slide he'd taken under the microscope and let us know that chances are, it was pee.  There's no nicer way to say that!  There is a chance that it was a leak from high up and that it simply stopped leaking but at that point, no amniotic fluid was leaking and all was well.

I'm sure they've never seen people more excited to leave without really being in labour!  We were thrilled to hear this news and excited to go back to bed and let Hope continue to grow and have more time in the womb.  The entire experience reminded me of how important it is to truly pray in detail.  Please join us in praying that I go into labour before I have to go into the hospital, that contractions come and progress the labour without needing drugs.  Pray also that we get the sleep we need and don't have to go through this all on a major lack of sleep.  We'll keep you posted on any further false alarms or real deals!


  1. Amy, I'm prayerfully following your blog daily.

  2. We pray for you daily.

    Earl & Debra