Friday, 16 March 2012

We're in!!!

It is official, we have a room at the Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton and will be moving in one week.  It's a great relief to know we don't need to look at our other options and will be all set, as long as we all stay healthy!

This Sunday, my in-laws church is going to have a time of prayer over Hope and our family during their Sunday morning service.  If any Calgarians would like to join us for this, the service is at 10:30am at Renfrew Baptist Church and all are welcome!

Tomorrow will be a work day for Shawn and some very kind men that are coming over.  They are finishing up the painting in the basement and working to fit the doors.  One door has been cut so far and is not fitting well.  If anyone in Calgary knows a great carpenter that might be available in the next week, please send us that contact info as we'd love to finish this before we go and an experienced carpenter could likely complete it in a day.  We have 9 doors and 5 closets to complete, we can't do one door per day or we're going to run out of time!

As for me, I will be continuing in my projects of organizing and packing before we go.  I'm writing a lot of things down and this makes me feel a bit more prepared.  I feel like I'm handling it all fairly well, but we'll have to see as the days count down and my emotions go up.

Thank you for continuing to pray with us and for following along, we're getting closer!!

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  1. My dad could probably do that for you. give him a call! ross - 6073104.