Saturday, 10 March 2012

Under two??

Only one week and six days until our departure for Edmonton.  Lately it seems that my mind is stuck on the bare chest, this sounds odd, so I will explain.  When I see Hope for the first time, she will have a chest that is bare and unmarked, I cry when I think about stroking her unscarred chest and knowing that in a few short days it will forever be marked with the evidence of her journey.  Its not that I fear her having the scar, I realize it will be a part of her testimony.  It will be seeing her body and being instantly aware that it will be quickly altered.  Already I struggle with this when I rub lotion on Sadie's chest after a bath.  It's funny what our mind chooses to get hung up on.

Shawn is away on a ski trip this weekend, his final 'man time' before the loss of freedom that comes with our situation.  I usually dread the time alone but have done surprisingly well this time, Sadie and I are flying through the days and doing great.  It could be the beautiful weather that makes it impossible to be grumpy or stressed!  We spent this morning at the zoo with friends and had a great time seeing all the animals in the warm weather.

This is an odd period of time, I don't want to buy too many groceries before we leave, but we still need to eat.  I don't want to forget things, but I can't pack them because I'm still using them now!  I'm trying to spend time with my friends and enjoy every minute, but I feel sad thinking that it's coming to an end soon.    
Although I long for the waiting period to be over, I dread the journey beginning and reality truly arriving.  I can't decide which side is better to be on yet.

I can easily get overwhelmed in life right now, please pray that I will have immense peace as I prepare for our move.  That I will prepare slowly and won't feel flustered as I pack the "4" of us up and get the house ready to leave behind for a couple of months.  Please pray that in this busy time, I will draw near to those around me and not pull away to protect myself.  Please also pray that our renovations would be completed in time, or that God would make me okay with leaving them unfinished, at least the important stuff has been completed and the house is safe for Hope's return.  


  1. Your faith and strength is so evident in your blog posts. Praying for your family's journey. God Bless.

  2. I think of you and pray often. Remember that you are not alone, that there are many upholding you in prayer, even when it may not feel like it!