Sunday, 25 March 2012

Our Sauna #329

We survived our first weekend at the Ronald McDonald House and have found it to be a great place so far.  They run a program here called Home for Dinner where volunteers come in to make dinner for all the families.  Fortunately for us, the volunteers have been here for the last 3 nights and we haven't had to cook a single dinner, and there are more people coming tomorrow!  It won't always be like that so we're enjoying it while we have the chance and feeling very thankful.  When my life is less crazy, I'd like to return the favour and go to the Ronald McDonald House in Calgary to bless those families.  If anyone is looking for a way to minister to people who are hurting, I can tell you first hand that this is a HUGE way to be a blessing.

Our only hurdle at the RMH is the temperature of our room, it is SOOO hot.  We have our window wide open in the middle of winter and it's still hot.  I was awake until 3am last night because of the heat and feeling so uncomfortable.  We spoke to someone today about it but were told that you can't change it, so we may need to invest in a super HUGE fan.   I'm thankful that I optimistically packed a single pair of shorts, as I've been living in them!  I'll have to have more shorts brought up when someone visits from Calgary so I have something to wear on laundry day.

We've been talking to more of the other families here and have heard a lot of their stories.  It's hard to know that so many people are hurting and yet everyone is so kind.  We are enjoying the contact with other people and the distraction too.  We're finding we need to be very creative to keep our days full, it's weird not to have anything to do!

We have 3 doctor appointments this week to keep us busy and my friend Karen flies in tomorrow night to spend the next 3 days with us.  That will help us stay busy as we wait for this little girl to arrive, it's weird to think that we're just waiting for her to come.  I'm looking forward to meeting her, but I still fear the battle that we'll face when she arrives.  I've been chatting with another mom that is waiting to have an HLHS baby and she feels the same way, you want to keep them inside to keep them safe, but you can't keep them there forever!

Sadie is starting to sleep a bit better. We built a cardboard wall around her crib and this sure helps.  I'm sure she'll learn to sleep through anything by the time we're done here!  Thank you for thinking of us and lifting us up each day.  Pray for some cool air to blow through our room at night!

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  1. I haven't commented before, but i've been following your blog for a while - my sister sent me the link (i think she received it from a colleague at work?). I am praying for all of you, especially Hope the warrior. Praying for you as you navigate this transition time... waiting for baby girl to arrive and once again transform your lives.
    My son was given a similar diagnosis after our 20 wk ultrasound. He's 2 now, and is healthy, strong and hilarious! He's had two surgeries, and is scheduled for a third and final one within the year. His first surgery was at 1 week, and he came home with us at 3 weeks. By 5 weeks he was exclusively breastfed...! All miracles in my book. I do remember those intense days of waiting... waiting for him to arrive and for the next leg of the journey to begin.
    Praying for strength and healing for Hope. Praying for calm courage and peace as you wait.
    God is full of mystery and He is good. I am standing with you in prayer, speaking words of life and wholeness over your sweet girl.
    in prayer,
    annie, toronto