Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Government Applications and Doctors Visits

Anyone who has been over at our house lately would tell you, 95% of the phone calls I receive are from the Government of Alberta or a doctor's office.  I seem to have an appointment to confirm, a test that needs to be ordered or something medically related to Hope that needs to be discussed daily.  It's literally a surprise if I see a phone number that I enjoy seeing show up these days!

Today, we got a call from the Government of Alberta.  Our application for assistance through FSCD has been processed.  Our case was presented to the committee this afternoon and they decided that we did qualify for care.  They will now send out a more detailed application that will be followed with a home visit.  If all goes well with these next steps, we should be accepted to receive care through this program.  Please join us in praying that everything will go smoothly and we will be accepted into the program.  We would have the potential to receive some respite care and also financial coverage for our costs during the second surgery in Edmonton.  Our case would be reassessed annually going forward and coverage would cease when Hope was considered to be more medically stable.

Hope had an appointment today with her pediatrician.   We had noticed that the thumb on her right hand was never moving and were also concerned with the blocked tear duct getting worse.  We now have a referral to see an ophthalmologist about her eye and a prescription for some cream to help the redness around the eye.  We also have a referral to have Hope's thumb looked at.  The doctor is hoping and assuming that it's just a comfort thing.  Hope likes to hold her hand that way and as a result it is pretty stiff and doesn't often move.  The worry is that if she doesn't start moving it, it will become very stiff and not be able to move.  We've been encouraged to move it ourselves and keep up the mobility as we wait for this referral to go through.  Please pray that it is purely a comfort habit of Hope's and not anything to do with her brain function.

Thank you for continuing to lift our family up in prayer.  Our journey with Hope is not over and although it seems long and tedious some days, we are thankful for the opportunity to walk with her through it all.  We know that her very life is a miracle and we can never take it for granted.

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