Sunday, 8 July 2012

Hot Days

The weather in Calgary has been beautiful!  We have had wonderful hot weather and sunshine for days and it is supposed to continue.  This is tough on Hope, she doesn't handle extreme hot or cold very well.  I keep her in hardly any clothing so I can still swaddle her, she likes a blanket on no matter how hot it gets.  She sleeps more than she usually does and you can tell her heart is working hard to cool down her body and make her more comfortable.  She had a long nap this afternoon with her Daddy and didn't make a sound, that's a deep sleep.

We are still just shy of the 10 pound mark.  As we work at the bottle feeding more, she burns more calories than she usually does.  As a result, our weight gain is a bit slower but still there.  We're hoping to make 10 pounds by the end of next week.

Hope has a really bad blocked tear duct.  Originally it would get pussy each morning but stay relatively clear all day.  It is now constantly pussy and is getting red around the outside of her eye as well.  We'll be seeing her peds doctor on Tuesday and are hoping they can refer us somewhere or give us something to help her.  She gets really upset when we clean it, I'm assuming that it's sore and bothering her if she's getting so upset.

Our wonderful night nurse returns for tonight and tomorrow.  It will be painful to wait the full 5 days before she comes back again!  We're trying to focus on enjoying these next two nights of sleep and not think about the lack of sleep that is coming!  It makes a huge difference to have those nights to catch up though, I can't believe we were functioning without them.   We are truly blessed to have help and are so thankful for the people that surround us.


  1. try squirting a little breast milk in the duct...I have heard it works wonders! thank you for your continuous updates.

  2. I was just going to make the same suggestion on the breast milk. I did that with Kaitlyn every time I fed her and it cleared it right up.