Thursday, 5 July 2012

Unwanted House Guest??

Last night I walked into the house exhausted, I had a shower half asleep and crawled into bed.  I was really looking forward to sleeping through the night and wondered how I would have survived without the chance to sleep again.

At 1:30am we awoke to the nurse at our door asking for Shawn.  He takes a long time to wake up, so I was out of the room with her before he even opened his eyes.  We went to the door and she introduced me to some guy that was insisting the drunk woman he was attempting to deliver home lived at our house!  He was trying to safely return this intoxicated woman home and she believed she lived with us.  Once we established that this woman did not reside here or anywhere on the street, this guy got a little crazier.  He then asked if his drunk stranger could come in and sleep off her intoxication in my house.  I promptly informed him that that woman would not be setting foot in our home and he could drive her to the hospital instead.  He was really pushy and annoying, since I wanted to be sleeping, and only gave up when I told him that Hope had a heart condition.  I explained that his drunk friend could have been exposed to a million different germs and infections and that letting her in my home would be out of the question.  This seemed to convince him and he finally left.

Seriously?  How do these things happen to me when I am dying to sleep?  As soon as he left, Sadie called out from her room and was having some teething pain.  After she was down I figured I still had another 5 hours of good sleep left, wrong!  Hope woke up early and proceeded to cry from 5:30-7:00am and completely destroyed my sleep.  I'm not sure what's up with her but she's been fussy all day and not sleeping as much as I usually anticipate.  I'm hoping she's just getting tired so she can sleep all night and let us get some much needed sleep.  I plan to go to Wal-mart tonight to buy a loud fan, I won't hear anything tonight!

If you think of it, pray we get to sleep for 8 hours straight tonight and don't have any crazy visitors or crying children!


  1. That is some crazy. Will absolutely pray for sleep, calm, and those little teeth to pop through! Lyndsay

  2. What a bizarre incident! Hope you have a peaceful night tonight!