Sunday, 29 July 2012

Would you?

The golden question, "would you like to give $1 to..."  I used to get very annoyed each time I was asked this question while I was shopping.  I felt like a terrible person if I said no, yet sometimes I wasn't passionate about the charity they were requesting donations for.  If they caught me on a good day, I would usually jump in.  Things have changed and I'm losing more loonies every day.  Now that my own child is a recipient of so many charities; The Ronald McDonald House, The Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation, The Stollery, Make a Wish Foundation and many more, I can no longer say no.  My entire attitude has changed and I wonder how much more these charities could have done if I'd been less stingy and parted with my loonie.  I'm sure I wouldn't have noticed at the end of the year.  I think it's time to get my first tattoo, SUCKER written across my forehead!  The cashiers should know that I'm an easy target before they even ask.

Sadie's Curious George birthday party was a total success and the weather was very obedient.  She had an incredible time and we were blessed to spend the afternoon with good friends as well.  Sadie was beyond spoiled, she was happy after the first present and didn't even finish opening all her gifts.  It's hard to believe our little girl is going to be 2 on Tuesday, where has all the time gone?  We look forward to being at this very stage with Hope.

One of our biggest prayer needs this week is for Hope's friend Holly.  She was officially put on the heart transplant list on Friday, this is now her only option.  Please join us in praying for a donor for Holly, that one would be found and quickly.  This is a difficult road and they will need a lot of support, when you think of Hope, remember Holly too.

Tomorrow morning Hope and I will be back at the hospital.  She's having her blood thinner levels tested and meeting with the rehabilitation centre.  We should have some answers about Hope's right thumb after our meeting with them.  We have noticed some improvement and are hoping they won't need to splint her thumb.

Thank you for continuing to care.


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