Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Pregnancy is truly here now...

I am now over 7 months pregnant and all the "fun" things have returned from last time.  I still feel blessed that I made it so far before it began, but I'm not very happy that it caught up with me.  My lower back is in a lot of pain and picking up Sadie is very difficult.  The top of my belly is going numb from nerves being pinched and my pubis is in extreme pain with each step I take.  I'm trying to stay positive and believe that things will improve, but I'm willing to accept that they won't.

We've finally reached the point of truly considering a cleaning lady, we hate to spend the money but don't want to live in filth either.  I need to keep my strength to care for Sadie and don't want to choose my toilet cleaning over my little girl!

I've had some success in finding side snapping onesies for Hope.  These will be used in the NICU to keep from having to put things over her head (wires and tubes would be in the way), and also to avoid having snaps or zippers that will lay on her incision.  They're not easy to find but I've collected a handful and feel more prepared for Hope's arrival.  A great baby consignment store in Calgary is closing and has everything on sale, I'm sorry for them but happy for my sweet deals!

Tomorrow Sadie and I will spend the afternoon with her Oma, that will save me from picking her up too much and give my back a little rest.  We're very lucky to have family and friends around us that can pick up in the areas that we're lacking.

Please continue to pray that the hole in Hope's heart would not narrow, and join us in praying for some release from the pain my body is experiencing.  Hope is extremely active in the belly and we're feeling her kicks and punches throughout the day.  We're so thankful that she continues to grow and appears to be strong.

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  1. Hmmm, I left a comment here last night, but it seems to have disappeared. Anyway, I have some Parade side-closing onesies (kimono style) that I will happily give to you either via mail or Shaun and Karen. Check out http://parade.ca/collections/nickname-onesies
    I have the monkey and the bean ones.
    Let me know if you want them - ryanandallie@yahoo.ca