Thursday, 12 January 2012

Update from Ryan and Christen

Here is a personal note from Ryan and Christen:

"In going into our long anticipated appointment with the pediatric cardiologist this morning, we had no idea what to expect. God surpassed any expectations we had of our 'best-case' scenarios.  After reading our referral letter with the given diagnosis and looking at the results from Ziah's initial echo, the specialist was concerned and decided to do an echo of his own.  After checking and rechecking, he concluded beyond a shadow of doubt that "Ziah's heart is functioning completely normal.  He is fine!". At these words, I cannot express the relief (and surprise) that washed over Ryan and me.  It turns out that "Cor Triatriatum Dexter" was a misdiagnosis.  He does have a membrane that has grown across his left atria but it is not located where they originally said, and where it is is completely inconsequential to the functioning of his heart.  As far as the diagnosis of an ASD, the cardiologist said that is not a correct diagnosis either, as there is now a flap that overlaps the hole in Ziah's heart that the specialist is confident will seal itself over time and is also inconsequential.  The only thing that this means for Ziah's future is that he should never scuba dive.  I laughed when he said this, considering how trivial that is compared to what could have been.

We are so grateful for all of your prayers and messages of encouragement.  We believe that God heard your prayers, whether it truly was 2 different cases of misdiagnoses of heart defects, or whether Ziah was healed.  we have seen how God has used this to glorify Himself and bring our family closer.  For that, we are grateful.  Thank you, we have been encouraged to pray even more for Hope as we have just seen so clearly the power of prayer!" - Ryan and Christen

Isn't that great news?  We're thrilled as a family and wanted to share the news right away so you could all praise the Lord as well!

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