Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A New Tooth

This week I have been reminded of how sick and twisted this sinful world is.  Many of you have likely heard of and been following the disappearance and murder of Tim Bosma.  I have finally understood how people that do not know us well, could care so deeply for our family.  Each morning I would look for updates on my cell phone, often before getting out of bed.  I have prayed throughout the day, constantly for this family.  Our world is sinful and fallen, we will never live in a world that is truly safe until we reach Heaven.

Hope has been decently stable.  Yesterday I saw for the first time how dependent she's become on her heart meds.  She needed a large volume of blood drawn for some transplant blood work and they decided it wouldn't be easy to get off her body.  In an effort to save her from being poked multiple times, they agreed to take it off her line.  Something that would never have happened if the doctor from Edmonton wasn't here for the week.  The heart med is only effective while it's running and disappears from the body in seconds.  It was stopped for a total of 90 seconds at most.  In that short time, Hope's heart rate went extremely high, her oxygen levels dropped and she began breathing very quickly.  Lord, her little heart is fighting to keep going, but she needs a new one.

Hope was beyond miserable today.  She woke up for the day at 5am and could not fall asleep for a decent nap.  Assuming she was teething, I kept looking at her red gums on the bottom and looked for new teeth.  After hours, I finally realized a tooth had broken through on the top.  Hope has finally gotten another tooth, her third, after 5 long months with no new teeth.  I'm thankful it's a normal problem for once and not a major issue.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us all.

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  1. Dianne Ducheno Johnson16 May 2013 at 08:02

    Good day Amy. I am so pleased to hear that Hope has the right blood type which may bring her a heart sooner. Every day through your blog I find in some small way God is working on Hope. Just her still being with us here on Earth & all that her little body has been through says so much. I pray each day for God to be with Hope & all of you. I belief Hope will receive a heart & Sadie will soon have her baby sister home to grow old with. God has giving you all so much strength & challenges throughout this time. Shawn & yourself showed your belief in God even during your pregnancy when giving the news about Hope's heart. Not only was she born , she is still here 13 months later. Praise the Lord for everything he gives us.
    Amy I would like to personally thank you for starting this blog as there are days when I question God and what he is doing? Why is he allowing for these young children (his children) to suffer? Then I remember the miracles he gave to even myself many years ago when a tumor miraculously left my mom's chest to help her be at ease as she fought cancer throughout her body until her early death at 41. Many times we question why & do not realize the answers for years to come. With your blog Amy I have questioned why did I come to it , because of a young family fighting for a miracle. Today I already belief the answer is to help me renew & find strength in our Lord & Saviour. The strength & belief you have in love for God is incredible. Through all you have been through you have questioned but never lost faith in God. Thank you once again for having this so all of us & I am positive I am not the only one whom you have reached with your believes. I pray for your family to be blessed by God's love for eternity.
    The other subject I would like to mention is even through all of this doings with Hope you found exactly how all of us (strangers to each other)feel so attached to a family we don't know & until something happens never heard about. Just shows you in God's own way he really works through Christians around the world. Tim Bosma's home is only about a 10 minute drive from where I live. It is a home that we have passed a thousand times going into Ancaster to do our shopping. The crime that has been committed upon this lovely Christian family is just that a real crime. No reason , no motive just a senseless brutal crime on a good man. This story reached your heart as your story of Hope has reached mine. In God's way he does connect all brothers & sisters. May each day we remember how important he really is in our lives . As you have the faith , I pray for Tim's wife Sharleyne & his 2 year old daughter Hennie to also be touched by God to have the strength to go on without Tim knowing he is with eternal life in God's beautiful place of Heaven.
    For now Amy , I do hope you have had a great day & that Hope is doing well. I pray for Sadie that God will touch her in the ways he has Shawn & yourself with much strength & love for him. I hope Shawn & yourself do find a way to spend a weekend along to have some real one on one time. May God bless each of you & your new home. Have a great day Amy & God bless.