Wednesday, 22 May 2013

From Amy's friend......

Hi friends,

A few months back Amy shared a wish with our small group. She said that it would be amazing to know the impact that Hope's life and story has had. She said she knew that she would likely not know the full impact of her life until they were in Heaven together. I think it would be amazing to give Amy a small glimpse right now.

If you have a story to share about the way that Hope has touched your life, your relationship with God/Jesus or how cuddling sweet Hope in the hospital has impacted you please share it with us and I will compile it in a book for Amy and Shawn.

Do you have a picture of Hope that Amy hasn't seen or was lost on her FB wall? It would be great to get those together with your story. These stories don't have to be big to share, Hope has touched us in big and small ways. Maybe her fight has brought you back to your knees for the first time in a long time, maybe you are a prayer warrior and you supported the family that way regularly. Encouragement is a wonderful and tangible way to support this family.

The deadline to submit is May 31st.

This is not a place to give advice! As the editor of this book I reserve the right to not include things that are not encouraging or life giving.

This book will be digital and then printed out so please send your stories and photos to this email address:

One last thing, would you share this event with anyone who has been impacted by Hope or has been reading the blog?  If you have questions direct them my way. Thanks!


  1. The Bee Gees/ how can u mend a broken heart

    listened to this song from Nottinghill the movie & thot of Hope & u Amy & Sean.
    Just baul like a child not even able to comprehend wat u the parents r feeling now over ur heads in this & that!
    Still praying for u Amy!
    From ur sister in Christ in Northern BC, Barb

  2. What a lovely idea! It will be something that I am sure the family will treasure forever. It is an honour to be able to take part in this!

  3. Thank you for being the one to compile such a gift. It will be something that they can go back to in years to come.
    I know that you can make a blog into an album as well. I'm not sure of the company that does it, but I can get back to you if you're interested.

    1. Blurb does it from blogspot, but I'm sure other companies would too.

    2. I'm thinking that Amy's blog is the meat of a book!

  4. Thank you for this opportunity. Amy has become a personal hero of mine.

  5. I became aware of little Hope a several months back and began praying for her and her family. Amy's updates have really moved my heart and soul and inspired me to take their needs to God in faith and prayer. This living, growing testimony of faith in the face of great adversity has reawakened an urgency in me to grow closer to God. Little Hope is with the Lord now, perfectly healed and waiting for the time when her family are reunited with her. Praying for the whole family in their grief over losing their precious little girl. Praying for those who tried all they knew to help save Hope. Praying God's comfort for all who mourn this loss.

  6. Wow I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself after a really bad break up.. but the pain I feel, I imagine is No where near
    how much pain your feeling. Ive read this entire blog and I am so so incrediably sorry for your lose.
    Hope sounds like a wonderful little girl and she truly touched my heart.