Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The 4th Ultrasound

Today we had our 4th ultrasound with baby Hope.  She appears to be right on track with her growth and all her other organs and limbs look just fine.  She has done a wonderful thing and turned around so her head is now down.  That will make our chances of a natural delivery more possible than if she remained in the breech position.

Our cousins, Mark and Laurel, were in town visiting and were able to join us for the ultrasound to meet Hope and keep Sadie from pulling any important cords out of the wall.  This appointment was relatively short in comparison to the ultrasound/echoes we have.  Our next echo is going to be in January and will be another 2-4 hour long appointment.  I don't think we'll even attempt to bring Sadie along for that adventure.    I may have to bribe Shawn to get him to come along, this time we won't forget to pack some snacks!

We are very thankful that other than her heart, Hope is looking very healthy and should be quite strong.  They saw no signs of heart failure or anything else obvious when they took a quick look at the heart today. Thank you for praying for us, we praise the Lord for the positive report today and only pray that the good reports continue as we wait to meet her.


  1. That's great to hear the positive report :) Thanks for sharing that. Continuing to pray for you guys and everyone around you.

  2. Sounds like you've got a little fighter inside you... Thanks for sharing the great news of Hope getting bigger and stronger :)