Sunday, 4 December 2011

Precious Hope

We started the weekend with the blessing of this gift.  Friends of ours had this beautiful necklace made for us to treasure as we wait for Hope's arrival.  We were so touched and love the idea, it's gotten me on a real 'Hope' kick and I spent some time looking at things online this weekend that would be neat to decorate her nursery with as well.  It was a pretty great weekend; we played games with some friends on Friday night, had dinner with the family and watched a movie on the couch on Saturday and spent Sunday doing some Christmas shopping and watching Amazing Race with our neighbours, it's our tradition for Sunday nights.

I will likely have one more appointment at the maternity clinic that I don't enjoy but was able to book that appointment while my parents are here.  I'm sure my mom will keep me grounded while I'm there and remind me that I can make it through the appointment and stay strong.  Hope is moving around like crazy now and still enjoys doing a dance on my bladder.  They say you stop having the urge to pee so often by this stage of pregnancy but that is simply not true!

We've made contact with the Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton and are starting that process.  Please join us in praying that we'll be able to move there directly on March 23rd and don't need to move around multiple times.

Thank you for continuing with us and praying for us, here is our latest belly update photo:


  1. You look GREAT! Love the belly shot! Glad to hear Hope is growing so well. <3 Hugs.

  2. You are a beautiful Mom for Hope, inside and out. Praying for you.

  3. awww...that necklace is so sweet

  4. the necklace is beautiful and you look beautiful too, enjoy your Mom time, having Mom around always makes things feel better! (you look a lot like your Mom in your belly photo!)