Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Early Birthday Gifts!

I have some wonderful news, I found out today that I got an appointment with the OB at the hospital on December 28th.  That is the day of my 28th birthday and the day before I was supposed to go back to the maternity clinic.  I had the pleasure of calling to cancel my appointment for the 29th and my mom will be able to come meet my OB while she's here too.  That may not excite some of you but trust me, my mom will enjoy coming to that visit and knowing who's taking care of me.

I spoke with a woman today at the Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton and we are officially on the waiting list for our arrival on March 23rd.  At this point you have to stay on the waiting list as they won't 'kick' a family out.  If a family that is currently there were to find out they needed to stay longer, it could delay us getting our room on the 23rd.  They do have connections with hotels by the hospital to get us great rates while we wait if we need them though.  We'll find out the week before where we stand and can make plans from there.  Let's start praying for healthy kids that get to go home and make room for our family to move in!

I watched a tour of the house on youtube today and was really excited for Sadie to go.  It looks like heaven for a kid to live in that house.  She is going to have a million new things to play with and explore.  I'm hoping to have her up in Edmonton as much as we can but we realize the difficulty with childcare may limit that ability.  We'll have to see as the time draws closer.

I still have my hours of tears through the day but I am feeling stronger this week than last.  I think I feel emotionally drained more this week some how though.  Sadie has a cold and has been keeping us up at night, it's always harder to start a day with no sleep.  I'm finding it hard to make it out on social engagements as I just feel like a sack of hammers that needs a nap...and a shower!  I'm hoping she'll get better quickly and that God will protect Shawn and I from her germs too.  I think I need to take a day for myself in the next couple of weeks and just go shopping alone or something for the day.  Overall I'm still finding great comfort in the Lord and His promises.  I find most of my tears come when I read another child's story or think about the hardships that are coming.  I don't feel angry at all, just sad.

One of my greatest struggles in communication with others is the long term realities of Hope's condition.  It comes so naturally for people to say, "everything will be okay" or something along those lines.  I get the idea that a lot of people think if she survives her 3 surgeries that she's home free.  I wish that were true but realize it's not.  Many children with HLHS make it through the surgeries, it's heart failure that is so dangerous for them and can take them years after the surgeries are completed.  I beg each of you not to forget us as this journey continues.  We are desperate for your prayers now, as we wait, but also as Hope lives with us.  This is not a journey that will taper off, she will always have 1/2 a heart and that is a reality we need to face.


  1. A journey it will be. But my prayer is that the last line will not be true. That the Lord will grow Hope's heart. Either way we are standing with you and the Laskey family promises to not forget.

  2. Praying, praying, praying!! Your family is often on my mind as well as the minds of so many others. You have a whole team praying for you and cheering you on that will continue to do so throughout this entire journey.
    I know it's still a few months away, but you can already start thinking about how there's people in Edmonton (meeee!) who would love to take Sadie off your hands whenever needed, or run your errands, or just bring you a coffee, or something/anything that you need.

  3. Janelle WOULD be the best Sadie babysitter ever... :)

    And 3 cheers for getting to the hospital OB!

    Thinking about you ALL the time... xox

  4. I was in a Christian bookstore yesterday and the theme was "Hope is Born" for Christmas. I thought that was so neat. It said 'Hope is Born' everywhere you looked and I just felt a peace about our hope/Hope.
    I think I might go look at the tour of the Ronald McDonald house. :)