Thursday, 7 June 2012


The verdict is in.  Our request for a night nurse was denied by the insurance company.  Shawn, who is exhausted as well and has to go to work each day feeling tired, is not giving up.  He called the insurance company today to find out why and what to do next.  They are going to reassess our case, which means we need the masses to pray for a miracle.  PLEASE pray that they missed some crucial information that will change their minds.  This would be the difference between existing and living for us.  We've had so many problems with the feeding tube, and we really need a nurse to help us in the home and find a solution.

Hope reached 8 pounds today!  She is now 9 weeks old and is starting to grow a bit bigger.  The doctors are hoping she will reach 10 pounds by 4 months old, and be at a safer weight for her surgery.  We're headed in the right direction, as she appears to be tolerating her feeds very well.  Sadly, she is still not taking much orally and is a long way away from having her tube removed.  I like accessories, but the tube is not fashionable or fun :).

I'm finding it really hard to get things done when I'm alone with the kids.  If I'm focused on Hope, Sadie is always up to no good and nothing but trouble.  If I focus on Sadie, I get behind on prepping feeds, cleaning bottles, drawing meds and other important parts of Hope's care.  I count down the minutes before Shawn gets home from work.  I feel like it's almost impossible to care for Hope and Sadie without an extra set of hands.  The evenings are a lot easier, until the night time feeds begin and the lack of sleep catches up with me again.

I am bursting with love for my girls though, and I can't help but look at them and feel so blessed.  These girls are such a joy in our life.  Hope is a lot of work and she sure sucks me dry, but I wouldn't trade her for anything and she is worth every bit.  Sadie makes me laugh when I don't have the energy to carry on.  It reminds me that kids grow up so quickly and it won't be long before Hope will be finished all her surgeries and our life will be more normal once again.  Until then, it's one day at a time.  Please pray we can get the help we need - I don't know why they make it so difficult.


  1. Praying for the day when Hope's next surgery is over, and recovered and you're in the rocking chair nursing her and Sadie is cuddled beside you and you're rested and everyone is busy watching Mickey Mouse Club or some other Disney offering. God bless you ... continuing to pray!

  2. I am so glad that Shawn is not giving up on the insurance co. saying no. They usually do. They figure that you don't really need anything. They are a huge co. and have no idea what you are going through!
    Hang in there, be presistent with the co. They WILL do something for you as you pay insurance, and they need to step up, and do something about this! It is rediculous that you were denied, but you WILL not be the next time you apply or talk to stern, be assurtive, and try not to loose your testimony! lol
    Seriously, we will pray that they will approve Hope's night nurse, as you all need a break!!! Have one of the CEO's from the company live one hr of your life, and then they can make the decision.
    I would send pic's and do what you need to do to make this happen....we will continue to pray as you need this so bad!!!
    God knows so we wait.......and are praying!!!!
    Love you all!

  3. Thanks for your commitment to your girls and for continually keeping us updated. We are always praying for each of you and Hope. We will especially be praying that you get this coverage for a night nurse from the insurance company.

  4. Don't give up on the insurance, I was just informed that they are told to "reject" every first ridiculous. So keep trying! We'll be praying...may God give you joy in the midst of kaos and energy despite exhaustion. Xoxo
    Jen Rottier

  5. the Lord says...stand firm, and I will fight for you....praying that for you now...

  6. Try calling Postnatal Helpers!!! They're there for the hiring, and you would have someone at home with you during the day. I had someone come in after our twins were born, they were called something different then, maybe Calgary Homemakers or something. I would not have survived without the help. We had to pay, but it was worth it's weight in gold to have someone at home to wash bottles, fix meals, do laundry and come with me to appointments. Please consider hiring someone...