Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mother of the year

If being a mother was a political position, I would be forced to tender my resignation today.  I am especially thankful that Sadie will not remember today and that there are no hidden cameras in my house! Why is it that both your children decide to be terrible on the same day?  Hope was fussy and not settled all day, she only seemed happy while in my arms.  If she was a healthy baby, I would have let her cry a whole lot more.  Unfortunately, crying is a lot of work for Hope and burns too many calories.  After her terrible day at the hospital yesterday, she only gained 11g today and needs to gain a whole lot more.  This makes me carry her around more and not leave her crying.  Sadie was in a very 'testing' mood today, she was straight up naughty!

I only had a 55 minute window today for a nap, Sadie and Hope were both in bed and I was going to finally get some sleep.  Sadie decided that wasn't going to happen and would not stay in bed.  It didn't matter what I did or said, that stubborn child was not staying in her bed.  She was certainly NOT having a nap, even though her eyes were half closed and she was terribly tired.

By the time Shawn got home from work, I was in tears.  I can only imagine how much a husband enjoys coming home to whiney kids and an overwhelmed wife.  Sadie is now in bed, and sleeping by a miracle, Hope is asleep in front of Shawn and our house is quiet.  We have 2 hours until the next feed and I plan to sit on the couch the entire time and only get up if I want something unhealthy and super fattening to eat!  I'm wondering if I should just throw out all my pre-baby clothes now and turn to a life of baggy, stretchy clothes until Shawn retires or we win the lottery and I can hire a personal trainer and nanny 5 days a week.

Thank you for praying for us, I can't imagine what a day like today would look like without people praying.  I would have dropped the kids off at Shawn's office and driven to Banff, checked into a hotel and stayed for a week!  Your prayers for our family and invaluable and we truly appreciate them.


  1. Well it sounds like quite a day was had by all!!! Praying for you and your precious little girls!
    Can't imagine how you feel, or what you are going through, but thanks for the laugh!
    I am sorry that your writing today just made me laugh, I think that your humour/sarcasium through all of this is a good thing to have!
    I am sure that life's issues have sure made you wonder about a lot of things, but as you said, you have people that are praying for you, and will continue to do so!
    Thanks for sharing where you are at with your little home, and life there!!
    Someday you will look back....and until then......we pray!!!

  2. Thinking of you and praying now. Being a mom is a hard job ....and a mom of a kid with health issues...well that's a whole 'nother story. Praying you got some down time. Not sure if this would help or not but i have a few baby carriers i could send out to you. One is a ring sling and one is a cotton wrap, then you could do stuff with your hands free and still holding Hope. Lace421@hotmail.com is my email if you want to send me your addy:)

  3. Amy you should be nominated "Momma of the Year" in my books. Not many mommy's have experienced your extra challenges but we definitely have experienced the attention grabber toddler and the tears when dad came home or they are lying!!:). So remember those clothes will look amazing AGAIN and your body will be fine tuned AGAIN. Those things will come but I know that rest is the thing that makes all things bearable so sleep will be the #1 prayer item on the list and for chubby cheeks for Hope and patience for little Stinker Sadie. She really does love you...
    Hope your Wednesday is a good one!

  4. Dear Amy, You are loved ,our heavenly Father knows you intimately and is always with you.He knows your unspoken prayers, when you are so tired you can not put a coheirant thought together in prayer and tears and heart aching are your only words.He loves your children even more than you.He gave them to you to raise them for him because he knows you are the best mom for them.You do the best you can at every moment.He is your helper,do not be afraid. Praying for your whole family,God's peace and rest. Love, Judy

  5. Hi Amy,

    You don't know me... we have one friend in common on Facebook and I somehow stumbled across your story and have been following it for a few months. I just want you to know that my husband and I pray for you, Hope and your family every night. I'm sure you are reaching many other strangers who are praying as well. You motivate me to be a better (new) mother and to stay strong even in the sleepless nights. I can't even imagine what you are going through, but I hope you know so many people are praying for you, and you are a role model for mothers like me.