Wednesday, 13 June 2012

One more doctor!

This week we met another doctor that will be involved in Hope's care.  She has quite the team of doctors that are following her every step of the way.  We've upped the volume in Hope's feeds and she is doing so well with it.  She continues to gain weight each day and is growing...slowly but surely!  At this point, there are no direct concerns with Hope's care, just continuing to keep a close eye on her and waiting for the next surgery.

The insurance company continues to not return any of Shawn's calls.  On Monday morning he got a message from them that said they would get back to him on Thursday.  Not sure why it takes 4 days to get back to someone, but we'll hope for good news on Thursday!  If we're rejected again on Thursday, we won't be giving up.  Please pray that on receive some good news on Thursday and will get some help, sooner rather than later.


  1. Confident thursday is going to be party day at your house! As the Lord is putting the pieces together I am sure the most amazing night nurse is coming your way. You are right we won't give up :)

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