Thursday, 14 June 2012

Victory Drill and Just Plain Victory!!

When I was in grade one, we had a book called the Victory Drill.  My teacher, Mrs. Toews, would have us read words from this book as we learned to read.  When we could read 50 words in 60 seconds, we were given a prize.  I was thinking tonight about how thankful I am for the time she took to teach me how to read.

I often sit in Hope's room and read while she's receiving her night time feeds.  I find it easier to fall back asleep if I don't watch tv, and find I have to do something to stay awake!  I just finished the book 'The Vow', an entirely different situation than our own, but a reminder that our God is faithful.  I didn't find the book to be fabulously written, but it is a truly inspiring story...that is true.  I was reminded that God will carry us through the difficult times in our lives and is always there.

The book tells the story of a couple who had to overcome a huge challenge in their marriage.  After a car accident, the wife lost all memory of ever meeting, dating or marrying her husband.  I haven't forgotten meeting, dating or marrying Shawn thankfully!  I do need to be reminded to cherish our marriage, protect it and take the time to focus on it.  At times our life with Hope can be all consuming and the idea of spending time together can seem impossible.  This book reminded me that I can't do this without Shawn.  God chose us as a couple to walk this road with Hope, and we need each other to make it through this.  God made a great choice when he chose Shawn as my husband, I often wonder how I charmed such a man into marrying me!

I can be very high strung and go from perfectly calm to super stressed out in a minute.  Shawn seems to lack the ability of getting over emotional about anything.  This creates an incredible balance, and it allows me to have some security.  I know that even if I crumble, Shawn is going to still be standing and can help me back up.  That's not to say that he doesn't have bad days or get discouraged.  He's not a big fan of the baby stage, even with a healthy baby.  I just find his consistency to be a real strength through this all.

As for our Victory...we were approved by Sunlife for our private nursing coverage!  We are now working with the nursing company as they'll need to hire a pediatric nurse for us.  We're hoping they'll be able to hire someone quickly and have them in our home ASAP!!  Once July begins, we only have enough coverage for 25 days.  We will likely need help until the fall and will have to space out our nursing care to a couple of nights a week to make it last.  It is still a blessing to have the coverage and the extra sleep, even if only for a couple of nights a week!  Thank you to everyone who prayed for this miracle to happen.  We are praising the Lord for this victory and what it means for our family.


  1. Sarah (Schofield) Vander Munnik14 June 2012 at 14:25

    Praise the Lord! He knows our needs and provides in times of 'trouble'.

  2. Hi Amy, I read your blog and want to say how admirable you and your family are in your strength. I can't imagine how difficult it must be looking after 2 little ones, especially when one is sick. A possible suggestion to free up your hands a bit...can you wear Hope? A moby wrap or an ergo baby are both great if you haven't already tried this. It might be soothing for Hope and allow you more freedom to play with Sadie, and get other things done! I wish you all the best!