Monday, 11 June 2012

Nana Arrives!

Another weekend has ended and another week begins.  We had a pretty laid back weekend for the most part.  Shawn took part in an event called City Chase with some friends.  It's basically a one day Amazing Race around the city of Calgary.  I had the girls at the house and managed to convince a few friends to come over at some point in the day to break up the day and give me some extra hands!  We survived the day, because of the help, and Shawn came home after a fun day with his friends.  Late that same night, my mom returned and is going to spend the week helping us out, Praise the Lord!!

Hope is not gaining weight as quickly as the doctors would like, even with the increase in her feeds.  She's a fairly fussy baby and loses a lot of her calories to crying some days.  We're going to talk with the nutritionist about upping her feeds to see if we can balance it all out.  She seems a bit stuffed up, so we're praying she doesn't have her sister's cold and that she'll continue to be healthy.

On Sunday we had Erika Blunt ( at the house taking pictures of Hope.  She was wonderful and so patient.  Hope was very unsettled and Erika had to work hard to get her to settle and be ready for each picture she took.  I highly recommend her if you live in Calgary and want to take pictures with your kids.  I'm guessing the fact that she's a mom helps, also having twins!  We're looking forward to seeing the finished product and will post some pictures when we can.  In the meantime, here is a sneak peak of a few pictures that my mom got over her shoulder.

Today we meet with the home care nurse, as well as the respiratory therapist.  We're still hoping to get coverage for a night nurse, but haven't heard anything back from our last appeal to the insurance company.  Sadie is coughing less and seems to be improving, we are thankful for that and continue to pray that she's back to her old self again soon.  We are also going to meet with Hope's new Pediatrician tomorrow.  We've heard great things about this particular doctor and are happy that she's willing to take Hope on as a patient.  She's agreed to accept Sadie as well.  This will make it easier for me to have them both at the same doctor.


  1. Amy, both your little girls are so cute! I've been patiently waiting to get a better idea of what your precious little angel looks like. I guess with reading your blog I got the image in my head of a little girl who looked sick. Hope doesn't! What a gorgeous little girl. She's beautiful. I'm glad you got some pictures done. Hugs to you, you're doing a wonderful job!!

  2. Hope is so beautiful. Her eyes are so deep and full of life & love.