Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Show Home

Although we promised not to be in this position, here we are.  Shawn left after an early dinner and is headed back to Calgary with Sadie.  The doctors continue to assure us that Hope will be transferred tomorrow and we don't want to take Shawn away from work unless we have to.  Needless to say, I will be extremely disappointed if this falls through.

Shawn's dad was not feeling well today and has ended up in hospital in Calgary.  Shawn wanted to be closer to his family during this time as well.  I realize that I am his family as well, but I would feel the same way in his position.  Please pray for Shawn's dad as the doctors work to figure out what's going on.  Sadie absolutely loves spending time with her Oma and Opa.  We pray that God keeps them strong and able forever, but we realize life is short and cherish the memories Sadie makes with them and pray that Hope is able to do the same.  Sadie spent the entire weekend asking where my mom was and if we could go visit her and grandpa.  Kids sure do love their grandparents and are blessed to have them.

We continue to struggle with Hope's potassium levels and cannot seem to correct it without over or under correcting.  Hope had a blood transfusion yesterday that appears to have perked her up a bit more.  She is still smiling daily and melting our hearts with her adorable grins.  It is a relief to see joy on her face, it's the first thing to go when she's not doing well.  Her chest tube survived another day, but is draining hardly anything and is likely out of position.

Please join us in praying that Hope would be able to find a bed in Calgary and that she will be transferred tomorrow.  We are also a bit anxious about the transfer.  Hope has been in ICE for a month now, but there is no ICE in Calgary.  It will be fairly extreme to move her to a ward with a nurse that is covering 3 patients.  We are hoping they will move her to PICU until her potassium is resolved, or into the area of the ward that has 1 nurse for every 2 patients.

I am currently living in transition mode.  I have to be ready to go at any minute, but realistic about the fact that it could take awhile.  I feel like my house is for sale and I have to have it in show ready condition.  I have cleaned the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.  I have the laundry mostly finished and the fridge and freezer organized.  I hope to make minimal impact in the morning as I leave, and simply come back to collect my stuff as soon as Hope is transferred.  In all reality, I may be coming back and staying another few days.  As a result, I have to have things all packed up, but not completely packed.  It's terrible really, it would be best to have an exact departure date and time.

Although I strongly dislike living in Edmonton, I must admit that there are some good things about this city.  I obviously appreciate the children's hospital here, but I have been blown away by the kindness of people here.  So many wonderful people have come to cuddle with Hope as we head out in the evenings to eat and rest before another long day.  Many complete strangers have provided incredible meals for me and my family.  What a blessing it is to come home after a long day and sit down to a wonderful dinner that only requires reheating.  Community is so important, often we fail to realize this until we truly need it.  Thank you for being such a blessing Edmonton, although I really hope to leave your city tomorrow!


  1. I HATE having my house up for sale so I can identify strongly with your sentiments. But, in the end, I have always ended up in a better place after 'the move'. HOPE today goes well for all of you. <3

  2. hope you are in Calgary today!!!