Thursday, 14 February 2013

Heart Day

In true romantic fashion, my husband thanked me at dinner for reminding him that our anniversary is next week.  He had forgotten.  We enjoyed pizza from a box and the Survivor episode that we taped last night.  Romance is a fine art that we have mastered.  I do believe that true love does not require Valentines Day.  A man will always score more points by bringing home flowers or writing a nice note on a random day through the year that is unprovoked.  Perhaps Shawn is too smart to follow the crowd!  Whatever the reason, there is just something about him that I love unconditionally.

Today they discovered that Hope's PICC line was facing the wrong direction and was dangerous to run TPN through.  They decided to attempt re-wiring the line without pulling it.  It appears this was successful and a major dilemma was adverted.  Thank you God for sparing us from the drama that would have come with that one!

I spoke with the cardiologist today about the home TPN program.  She was open to my desire to get Hope home quickly and has begun looking into it for me.  It doesn't sound like Calgary plans to keep Hope on TPN as long as Edmonton had.  If Hope does well when she comes off it, we could sneak home before the end of the month.  I won't hold my breath at this point.

I got in a couple of hours with Hope before passing the torch to her Oma.  I am still not feeling that great but don't seem to be getting any worse.  I'm not sure if my body just hit a wall and is refusing to feel normal until I truly rest or if I'm actually fighting something.  I am simply exhausted, randomly nauseous and have recurring headaches.  I know what you're thinking, but I took 3 pregnancy test and all of them are negative.  phew!  My neck is extremely out so I made a trip to the chiropractor today and have a massage booked for tomorrow morning to see if getting that pain to go away will help.  Please pray this resolves and I get my energy back.  My fridge is still full of yucky food!

Hope continues to be all smiles and is happy to be back in Calgary.  I feel like I won the lottery getting to come home.  I absolutely feel more sane when I have my family with me.  Hopefully Sadie will be able to come and see her little sister tomorrow.  Hope adores Sadie and is often full of smiles for her.  Happy Valentines Day!


  1. :) and <3 from Ontario.

  2. There is a stomach bug going around. I have felt much like you have the past few days. Feeling much better today so I am hoping and praying you will too. :) So glad you are back in Calgary and enjoying your family!