Saturday, 9 February 2013


Yesterday was a nice day with Hope.  It was just the two of us all day and it went quite quickly.  She had drained 40 mls from her chest tube the previous day, but drained over 40 mls in the 10 hours I was at the hospital yesterday.  Drainage has certainly increased and they worry this is a result of stopping one of her medications.  They are thinking of putting her back on it, but it's not a medication she can be on long term.

Shawn and Sadie arrived last night, it was such a gift to have them here for dinner and then to put Sadie to bed together.  She is an absolute delight and each time she visits I wonder how I survived 5 days without her.  She's growing so much and I feel like I'm missing out on her life.  Sadie's Nanny, Melanie, has been working hard to potty train her.  She's clearly done an amazing job as Sadie rode the entire way up to Edmonton and ran to the bathroom when they arrived.  She was dry after her sleep last night and simply told me when she needed to go this morning.  I'm impressed with Melanie's skills!

At 4:30am the hospital called to say that Hope was quite 'wet' (fluid overloaded) and would need to restart her diuretics.  It's too bad they woke me up to say this, I've been asking them to give them to her for 2 days and was thrilled to hear she'd finally get them.  They are hoping to give her a blood transfusion either today or tomorrow as well.  Hopefully this gets her hemoglobin back up and makes her feel even better.  She continues to smile more and had some incredible naps with me yesterday.  In the afternoon she slept for 2.5 hours straight!  I kept trying to get her up but she'd just grunt and go back to sleep.  Maybe she'll finally grow.

This morning I had the gift of waking up with Sadie as Shawn was at the hospital.  She walked over to the bed and climbed in beside me.  Then she clearly said, "Mommy, when will Hope be all better?"  What a tough question to wake up to and how was I supposed to answer?  I simply told Sadie that we were praying that Hope would be better soon and home with our family.

Today we plan to spend the day as a family at the hospital with Hope.  Sadie loves the toys in the play area and the attention from the nurses too.  I look forward to the weekends all week long and hope the day doesn't go too quickly.  They are still talking about transferring Hope on Monday, I pray that this time it actually happens.


  1. Sending you our prayers, love and big hugs :)

  2. Sending healing and prayers. HOPE-ing for the best possible outcomes for all. <3

  3. continuing to pray for all of you, for some breakthrough in all this and a clear direction forward that is rooted in wisdom. and, of course for daily graces and gifts in your everyday life there.