Sunday, 28 April 2013

Open Beds

Hope had another good day.  Shawn and I have been told we can sit down with the transplant doctors tomorrow sometime between 9 and 11.  We'd like to have the meeting we were supposed to have last week that turned out poorly.  Hopefully we'll be able to express our thoughts on Hope's current condition and hear their ideas as well.  We will likely still have to wait until Wednesday for a final decision about transplant.

Hope's feeds are being concentrated with a pediatric formula.  She is receiving 85% breast milk and 15% formula and tolerating it beautifully.  It just shows how much of a difference the heart medication makes for her entire body.  Hopefully she will begin to gain weight as she's continued to lose weight for the last few days.  If she's not able to gain weight they'll stop attempting to feed her completely and move her to 100% TPN (liquid IV nutrients).  Please pray that Hope is able to get a little bit chunky on the food that is currently going into her belly.

I don't feel as exhausted as I did before Shawn, Sadie and Rachelle arrived, thankfully.  I am still anxious to get home and back to my bed and a routine I'm more familiar with.  One of the nurses called Calgary today to remind them we were coming back tomorrow and to ask about the bed availability.  Calgary has lots of space and we should be able to return if nothing comes up.  I'm truly hoping we can get home tomorrow as a family.  I'm not sure I can handle another week without Sadie and Shawn, especially as we move.

Tomorrow will hopefully be a busy day of packing up our things here, cleaning the apartment and driving back to Calgary.  Please continue to pray for Hope and our family as we make that long journey once again.

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