Saturday, 27 April 2013


It always feels amazing to see Sadie and Shawn walking towards the steps of the basement apartment.  This time they even had nursey Rachelle with them for a visit!  I feel so much better when our family is together.  Shawn and I were able to spend the morning at the apartment with Sadie while Rachelle went to reunite with Hope.  I needed the extra sleep this morning and loved being able to see Sadie when she woke up.

Yesterday was Make a Wish day at the hospital.  They had so many incredible things for the kids and I was sad that Sadie didn't arrive until the evening.  I went on her behalf and decorated a cupcake for her, dressed up a dog from Build-a-Bear and got her a little bag of goodies.  She was excited to see all her loot when she arrived and it gave us some toys for her while she's here too!

We got up to the hospital as a family before lunch.  Sadie was so excited to see Hope again and Hope was eager for Shawn to pick her up.  She was whining the entire time Shawn washed his hands and was instantly happy when he picked her up.  It was adorable to watch her face light up at the sight of her Daddy.  We had lunch at the hospital and were even there for transplant rounds this morning.  Dr. Kantor is back on and it was a relief to see him.  Our favourite resident was on call this weekend and said that Hope looked better than she'd ever seen her.  The heart meds are truly working and we are hopeful that they will continue to make such a positive impact on her.

In the afternoon, Rachelle and I took Sadie out to run some errands while Shawn and Hope had a nap at the hospital.  We spent some time there as a family in the afternoon before a volunteer arrived to take over at dinner time.  It's hard to believe today is already over and I'm somewhat thankful that the weekend appears to be going quickly.  I'm looking forward to getting back to Calgary and tomorrow will hopefully be our last full day here.

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