Saturday, 27 October 2012

Another Day, Another Mystery!

I'm not sure this will surprise anyone, but Hope's bowel test came back with nothing.  Her bowels are completely normal anatomically.  They saw some slow motility, but say this can happen with the contrast dye.  I'm not sure how I feel about this.  It's nice to hear that her bowels do not have any abnormalities, but that also means we don't have any answers.  Why is Hope not able to eat?

Monday will start a new cardiology rotation and give Hope a new cardiologist.  The change over is always hard on us, but we are praying this new doctor will have some new insight that was previously overlooked.

Shawn and I took some time out this evening to go on a date.  It was so nice to act normal for a while.  We even found ourselves laughing and forgetting about the true realities of our life.  It is so important for us to step outside of our situation at times and find ourselves again.

I have had a headache for the past few days that I can't seem to get rid of.  Please pray for me as I battle with this uncomfortable inconvenience.  Hopefully I'll start tomorrow feeling fine!

Hope is acting more like herself today.  She had a few smiles for us and appeared to be more comfortable.  I think the liquid nutrients are helping to strengthen her body and it is making a strong impact.  We are thankful that she is being fed, even if it can't go through her stomach at the moment.


  1. So thankful she is perking up - and you have time together to perk you up! What a blessing to have your mom there! Is Hope on any pain meds? Narcotics can slow the GI system down like nobody's business... Although I'm more than sure they've taken that into consideration. Praying for answers - and an end to the headache. Stay hydrated!

  2. praying the change over signals some new ideas and insight. praying for rest and healing and good news. praying for God's peace to be yours in very real ways today and this week. may you feel refreshed and sustained in each moment. and may Hope have a really good day tomorrow!

  3. you are truly the BEST MOM Hope could ever have asked for. you are doing everything possible to help her, may you always remember that!