Sunday, 21 October 2012

Nothing is Easy...

Last night at 2am Shawn took Hope back to the hospital.  She is extremely irritable, labouring to breath and acting as though her throat is not feeling right since the intubation.  The PICU team is with her now and they are trying to start an IV.  We don't know what the plan for her is at this point, but we're pretty sure we won't be sleeping as a family tonight.  This is very frustrating for us and we're feeling discouraged today.  Please pray that if this is cardiology related, that they will bump up her surgery.

Shawn had to take Hope in the middle of the night as I haven't slept well in so long.  I simply didn't have the patience to sit in the ER all night with her and lose another nights sleep.  Shawn is now exhausted as well and will soon be on his way to our new apartment for a nap.  Sadie is going to spend the day with some friends and our life continues to be crazy.

Please pray for Hope, for wisdom for the doctors and for much needed rest for our family.  This journey is not easy and we're feeling the weight of it these days.


  1. Praying, Amy. Praying hard...

  2. Dear Father
    It almost seems worse, since Amy and Shawn had such hope for a few weeks toghter as a family. Most of all God, I pray that Hope's situation doesn't morph into one of crisis - that whatever is wrong will be quickly fixed and that if it is heart related dear Lord, I ask that you would speak to the hearts and minds of Hope's team and that if it is safe for her, they would move her surgery date forward. Please comfort Amy and give both Amy and Shawn supernatural energy, confidence and support for one another thru' these tough hours. In Your Name.

  3. Hi Amy You don't know us but we are praying for you and Hope and your family here in whitby Ontario. I know things will get better for you soon xoxo

  4. Love-filled prayers coming to you from friends of the Nicholsons. We have been reading your blog and praying daily for weeks and weeks. Your faithfulness in the midst of this trial is awe-inspiring and is bringing SUCH glory to God, our maker, healer, protector and friend. Praying for more of the Holy Spirit's power to lift and sustain you, and for His peace that passes understanding to miraculously improve your sleep. As always, we are praying for Hope's healing; that her testimony will impact another generation to come. Sometime when you are conscious enough for an encouraging yet challenging sermon from another Daddy in the trenches of warring to save his daughter's life, be blessed by this from Britt Merrick:

  5. Prayers coming to you from Red Deer! 'Hope' was the name I had on my heart through most of my pregnancy (3 weeks left) if we have a girl. I feel a pull to pray for your family, and will continue to be praying for you.