Monday, 8 October 2012

Thankful Today

Throughout this journey I have been reminded that God does not only deserve praise when things are going well.  When Hope is doing well, people praise God's goodness and his faithfulness.  When she's not doing well, people simply say they are praying.  God has taught me to praise him at all times, it doesn't mean I have to like what He's allowing to happen.

Hope did very well this weekend.  Her stomach has remained at 44.5cm and she appears to be much more comfortable than she was previously.  She has tolerated the change from breast milk to formula beautifully.  It's such a relief to be finished pumping and to know that my daughter is still receiving and tolerating the nutrients that she needs.

We were blessed to have a friend, with nursing experience, to help us this weekend.  We know that Hope is well cared for when she is with her and are able to get out.  On Sunday we were able to go and have Thanksgiving dinner with Shawn's family in St. Albert.  We left Sadie there for the night and had some time alone in the evening.  This morning we got out of bed at 11am!  I'm not sure when that happened last, it was simply incredible.  We even got out in the afternoon to spend some time together. In true Shawn and Amy fashion, we went for Indian food!

I'm back at the hospital with Hope now.  She's asleep in her crib and I'm about to get ready for bed.  Another night without a roommate, I'll likely sleep very well tonight.

Tomorrow is an important day for us all.  We are asking you to pray as the doctors and surgeons meet to discuss Hope's second surgery.  The meeting will take place in the afternoon here and will be 3-4 hours in length.  There are rumours of a potential discharge for Hope tomorrow.  She is currently stable enough to return to the Ronald McDonald House.  The only things that may hold us back are the logistics of her equipment.  We still need to have a feeding pump secured and may need oxygen as well.  Hope is currently off it, but seems to go back on it once every 24 hours for a bit.

If Hope's surgery is scheduled to take place in the next 4 weeks, we will continue as outpatients to the cardiology clinic here.  If the surgery is not happening that quickly, we'll move our family back to Calgary and return to Edmonton later.  We don't have any say in this decision and are trusting God to intervene in the meeting and help them make the best decision for Hope.  We will be disappointed if Hope's surgery is not scheduled in the next 4 weeks.  I would feel more comfortable caring for her if she had her surgery.  Please pray that we'll have a peace either way and be okay with the decision that is made.

I hope you all had a fantastic long weekend and were able to spend time with family.  Thank you for taking the time to continue checking on Hope.


  1. Life has taken our family down strange paths this past week so I am just now catching up on the posts since Thanksgiving. I am so glad, so thankful to hear your beautiful little girl has been okayed for the Glenn. And is doing SO well (cold aside).

    But what thrilled my heart and made it almost ache in agreement was your opening paragraph. Many say these words, Amy. Not everyone has been blessed (yes, blessed) to learn the full truth of them. Everything the Lord does is good. Everything he ALLOWS He will work for good.

    Isaiah 54:17. Whatever happens, you WILL have vindication against the enemy for his work. Whatever this journey with Hope brings, you will prevail against him. God is bringing and will bring great good out of all of this.

    When I am feeling overwhelmed with trouble of one kind or another and wondering why something awful has happened in my life, I often remember that verse. It makes me rise up in my spirit, because I know that whatever comes, I will have victory; I will have vengeance over my enemy Satan.

    Because I know God's comfort and tender love in the midst of my troubles. And when they are passed, I see the great good that has come out of them. I would not change any of the terrible things in my life. They are both terrible and awesome to me now.

    Having seen God work miraculous healing in my child, you can bet I will pray with great faith for healing for Hope and other children God puts in my path. Do you understand? That is my vengeance and the vindication I have from the Lord. This is the heritage you too have as a servant of the Most High.

  2. Had to add another thought. Through this whole heart-wrenching experience, you have come to know the Lord more fully, more deeply.

    Daniel 11:32 (various versions) "...but the people who know their God shall be strong (will display strength; will stand firm) and will firmly resist him (will take action; will do exploits)." (Amen!!!!!!!!)