Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Isolation Pros and Cons

Everything in life has a good side and a bad.  It's often just the perspective you choose when evaluating your situation.  Hope has been stuffy for the last two days and the nurses have suctioned a lot of yucky stuff from her nose.  I mentioned this a few times to everyone who would listen, but they didn't seem too concerned.  This afternoon, Hope had some diarrhea.  This happens from time to time and is often ignored as well.  With Hope's Glenn being booked, it was too risky to let her get truly sick.  She was moved into an isolation room.

Being in an isolation room means no roommate.  This will allow me to have a better sleep each night next to Hope.  It keeps Hope from the germs of her roommate and requires nurses to gown, glove and mask up before touching her.  This will remove the risk of cross contamination as well.  This is the good side of isolation.

The down side, is losing our passes.  Hope would have likely been discharged tomorrow and will likely have to stay now.  We cannot bring Hope back to the RMH until we know she is healthy enough to be around the other children.  With chemo patients and other cardiac children at the house, it's not fair to bring Hope into that environment until she's healthy.

For the time being, we wait.  Our MRI was cancelled today because the liver specialist and the radiologist don't agree that it's the best test to see Hope's veins.  Until they decide, we are waiting for a decision and will need to remain inpatients.

Please pray against infection in Hope's body.  Praise the Lord we were able to get a feeding pump for our time here in Edmonton.  Pray for our family as we look at different options for housing while Hope is an outpatient.  We're not sure that community living during cold and flu season is a great idea.  As we care for Hope, we need wisdom and strength.  Thank you for continuing to pray for Hope.

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