Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Saved by Mom!

It's hard to believe we've been in the hospital for 9 weeks, where has the time gone?  The days can be long, but we're making slow progress.

Yesterday they needed to draw blood for Hope's blood thinner levels.  After two failed attempts in her head, they decided to have the vet doctor do it this morning.  The blood needs to be drawn 4 hours after the last blood thinner dose.  As a result, they had to give Hope her blood thinner injection at 4am!  That wasn't the most convenient time for my sleeping schedule.  Then at 8am we were woken up when the doctor came to draw blood from Hope's jugular!  I can't watch when he hangs her head over the bed and draws blood from the neck.  At least it's extremely fast and it never takes more than one poke.

After the blood work, the nurse told me to begin packing up.  Hope was to be moved out of her isolation room and to go back in with the masses.  I asked if she was coming off isolation status and was told that she was not.  They told me that with so many sick kids on the ward, they were putting kids with the same virus together in order to make room for the extremely ill ones in isolation.  This did not sit well and my claws came out.  Hope has no symptoms and should not be exposed to a child that is truly ill.  After fighting for an hour, they agreed to take Hope off isolation and not put us with a sick child.  This is why I don't like to leave the hospital!

We were told this morning that Hope will have her MRI tomorrow.  I don't like to think about her having an MRI after our last experience.  I'm thankful in many ways that they surprised me with this news.  She will be under general anesthetic and will receive contrast as well.  These are both things that give us reason to worry and make us uncomfortable.  We don't have another option and will have to walk through this in faith.  We don't have a specific time for the MRI as Hope is an add-on and could be taken at any time.  Please pray for this procedure and that everything runs smoothly.  Shawn will spend the day here with me as we wait for them to take her.  Please pray that the MRI gives them clear information on what's going on with Hope's liver.

We received some good news today as well.  Hope's surgery has officially been booked for November 7th!  They decided that since she didn't have any respiratory symptoms from her cold, her lungs have not been compromised and her surgery does not need to be delayed.  For this we are thrilled and very thankful!  Only 3 more weeks until surgery.  Please pray for us as this date approaches.  It is so important that Hope does not get sick before this time and we may be pretty stingy with letting people touch or hold her.  I'm apologizing in advance and asking you not to be offended.  A small sniffle would delay her surgery by 6 full weeks!

We are thankful for your continued prayers as we prepare for her procedure tomorrow and the surgery next month.

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