Sunday, 4 November 2012

7 Months Old

It's another milestone that deserves to be celebrated.  Hope is now 7 months old and has shown the incredible power of God.  There have been many dark days that are full of bad news and poor outlooks for the future.  We choose to take it all and give it back to God, He is the only one that knows the number of days in Hope's life.

I am thankfully feeling much better and was able to return to my Hope snuggles on Saturday.  It is so hard to be away from her, especially so close to surgery.  It's hard to believe that Hope's surgery is only 3 days away.  We have waited for this day since April 18th (Hope's first surgery) and it took a long time to get here.  It is the day we have looked forward to, and equally dreaded.

Hope is still slowly working up on her feeds, but is only at 16 mls (She needs to get to 34).  We had to stop moving forward this weekend as her tummy had gone back up to 43cm.  She came down a bit this morning to  42.5cm.

Our very sweet friend drove up from Calgary on Saturday to stay with Hope and allowed Shawn and I to have dinner with James (Shawn's brother) and his girlfriend.  Then this morning, we were able to take Sadie to a theme park with some friends while Hope continued to be in very capable hands.  It was such a gift to spend that time with Sadie and with Shawn.  It gave us the boost we needed as we head into this difficult week.  Hope is just happy to have her Mommy back in the hospital with her though!  She is severely attached to me and it's a mutual feeling!

We truly covet your prayers as we head into this week with surgery on Wednesday.  Please pray for Hope's health, that she would not get a cold or infection of any kind.  We are asking the Lord for strength as we endure another difficult stage with Hope and have not had a break to go home (Calgary) for a very long time.  Please pray for Dr. Ross, Hope's surgeon that will be performing this difficult procedure.  They have never operated on a baby here that has Hope's heart condition, and liver problems.  They have no idea how she will do with the complications that are already upon her.  We are praying that she shocks them all and does wonderfully!  Thank you for walking with us through this difficult week.



  1. So glad that you were able to be with your husband, and Sadie! So glad that you could be a normal family for a few hrs!
    So glad that you are feeling better, and able to be with your little girl!
    So happy that she is doing better, and will continue to pray!!
    She is in great hands with the Lord!! praying for a miracle for this little one!!
    May God bless you all, and give you HIS wonderful strength to get through this next week!
    Praying for a Miracle for Hope, and a successful surgery from Dr Ross!!

  2. For everyone following Hope's journey, I wish I recorded Hope's reaction when her Mommy returned to her this afternoon (she had only been gone a half a day really!)...but it was the cutest thing ever...Hope went nuts when she saw Amy! She started talking her "baby talk", her eyes just got huge, and she was full of smiles, was seriously the sweetest moment...I will be praying hard Hope...Come home soon! Love always, Your Nursey

  3. Oh my goodness, that is seriously the sweetest comment about Hope's reaction to you being back, Amy. Those are the moments when my heart feels so full and I just whisper to God, "how I deserve beautiful babies that love me so much, I'll never know". Wow! I hope to one day get to see her love and affection for you, Amy, in person! I'm praying extremely hard this week especially.

  4. My prayers are with you and your family. Stay strong, God will help you through this.

  5. praying and celebrating this milestone!