Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Trusting God with Hope.

The long awaited Glenn is taking place tomorrow.  I continue to have trouble believing that statement.  Tomorrow is a day that we have been waiting for since the beginning.  It took forever to arrive.  At the same time, I feel like it came out of no where and here we are.  I wouldn't say that I'm completely relaxed, as I do have anxiety about some things tomorrow.  As a whole, I have a lot of peace though.  I'm actually surprised by how peaceful I feel this evening.

Hope is scheduled as the second case for the OR tomorrow.  They are saying she will be taken around noon.  There is obviously a chance that she would be taken earlier, or later.  We will do our best to keep everyone updated as the day progresses tomorrow.  We've spent most of the day snuggling with Hope and enjoying the opportunity to hold her.  We won't be able to hold her after her surgery until she is stable and will be comfortable when picked up.  That is always very difficult for me.

The surgeon, Dr. Ross, came to see us this evening to sign consent for the surgery.  In the average HLHS baby having the Glenn, he has a 95% success rate.  He informed us that he is not able to give us an estimate for success with Hope, as he has no idea how she'll do.  We are praying that all the issues they are worried about, will not be issues.  We are praying that she will not come out of the surgery on life support and will wake up from the anesthetic.  We are praying for her pressures be under 20, that is the goal for her to be more stable.  High pressures is one of the most dangerous aspects of this surgery.  Dr. Ross informed us that anything under 20 would be acceptable.  They believe she is currently at a 7-8 and are aiming for a 13-14 after surgery.

In preparation for surgery, Hope needs to have baths in a special soap.  This removes all germs from her external skin and will lower her risk of infection.  I've just completed the first bath and will begin the second one at bedtime in a few hours.  The third and final bath will take place in the morning.  Hope will stop receiving food and blood thinners at 4am and will be completely ready for surgery by 8am.  This is done as a precaution, as if anything happens with the child that is meant to be first case, Hope would be bumped up and needs to be ready.

They are expecting the surgery to take an average of 4 hours.  I know from Hope's previous surgeries and procedures that my anxiety skyrockets when we reach the projected time of completion, if we have not yet seen the surgeon.  Please pray specifically for us as 4pm approaches, as it is a very difficult time of waiting after that point.

Thank you to everyone that is praying for Hope and our family.  We are continually blessed to hear of people praying for us all.  We know that God is in control and we are trusting Him with Hope.  We believe that He will be with Hope in her surgery and will guide the hands of the surgeons.  May God be glorified through Hope's life tomorrow.


  1. Praying harder than ever! So encouraged by the hope in your words in this post. Knowing God has an awesome plan, and joining with you on behalf of that sweet baby! Remember, ANYTHING you need, I am here!

  2. Amy, you are so beautifully scripted during this whole experience. Your grace is admirable. Love and prayers baby Hope!!! You've been so strong, I pray your strength continues with the glory of God's wisdom.

  3. Baby Hope, Amy and Shawn, you are in my prayers tomorrow. May God give wisdom and skilled hands and a great night's sleep for Dr. Ross.

  4. Amy and Shawn, it is now 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday November 7th. here in Scotland. We have been following your blog since April, when we learnt about your new little baby, Since then, Hope, Shawn and yourself, as well as both your families, have been in our thoughts and prayers every day. We have noted the surgery is scheduled for 12.00 noon today, which will be 7:00 p.m. here in the U.K. We are already praying regarding the specific needs you have mentioned in the above blog. However, we will pause whatever we're doing just before 7.00 tonight and have a prayer time together. We hope this verse will encourage you:-

    "Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way. The Lord [be] with you all."
    (2 Thessalonians 3:16 NKJV)

    With our love,

    Brian and Jean.

    Brian is a cousin of your Grandfather, George Kirk

  5. Oh God, may your peace continue to be with all of them. Give wisdom beyond comprehension to the doctors. May we again see your miraculous hand on Hope and give you all the glory. In Jesus' mighty name. Amen

  6. lifting you and your family up in prayer today amy. may the peace you felt last night continue through today.

  7. I just saw the link to your blog posted on Facebook - I know we haven't met but I want you to know that Hope will be in my family's thoughts and prayers!

  8. I will continue to pray for you, for the success of the operation, and that Hope may have a happy and healthy life in the future. Will be thinking about you especially today. May God bless your whole family.

  9. Learned of your family through my dear niece, Honesty. I've been keeping beautiful Hope in my prayers & will continue to lift up your family today! Praying for God's peace for you all & His hand guiding the surgeon's.

  10. Amy,
    I remember bathing Lauren for her surgery when she was 12. From one mothers heart to another....may the Lord give you peace that only He can give. We have prayed with you, weeped with you and rejoiced with you. We have walked with you through out this journey (from the first ultra sound) and today we are in constant prayer.
    Much Love,
    Dave and Laura Osborne

  11. You are in my prayers today. Jesus be with you. A friend of a friend of a friend in Calgary. :)

  12. Little Hope has been on my mind all day. I will be praying for her - and for you - as the day progresses. May the Lord God be your strength and your shield this day.

    Hugs to you,
    Melissa (friend of Graeme & Carissa)

  13. I don't know you, but saw a link to this posting on facebook asking for prayer. I am touched by your story and your family will be in my heart and prayers throughout the day.

    Love and prayer from Vancouver Island

  14. praying... esp as u await and/or hear news. peace be with you, sweet Amy.

  15. been praying for you guys today, hoping all is well. and that you are resting with a joyful heart!