Monday, 19 November 2012

The Sadie Shuffle

I keep telling friends that I don't know anyone that can do this, but need someone.  I finally realized that  it would be easier to just ask if there is anyone that someone knows who could fill this roll.

My mom is heading back to her home in Michigan this weekend.  After so many months with our family this year, it's only fair to give her back to my dad.  It will be tough to see her go and we wish we could keep her, but know that my dad has been patient in waiting for us to return her.  My mom has been Sadie's primary care giver while we've been in Edmonton.  Now that we are back in Calgary, we have previously relied on friends and family to watch Sadie.  It involves her being moved around a lot and is not as easy on her as we'd like.  We aren't thrilled with the idea of sending Sadie to a daycare as it would expose her to so many more germs.  Germs that she would then bring to the hospital while visiting Hope.

Ideally we'd love to find a Nanny or babysitter that is currently available but not looking for something long term.  Shawn leaves the house each morning by 7:30, so we'd need someone to start as soon as he left and stay until he returns around 5:30.  We're even ok with someone that would be interested in 3 days a week as we have family and friends that could handle the other two days a week.  Sadie enjoys sleepovers at her Oma and Opa's and would be happy to stay there for a night each week.

If I had to make a guess, I would guess that Hope will be in the hospital for at least 3 more weeks.  If we could find someone that is interested in doing this until Christmas, that would be amazing.  If we are not able to find a consistent person, we'll go back to the Sadie shuffle.  She spends each day of the week with a different person.  It's more difficult to organize, but it may be our only option.

Thank you for caring about the logistics of our situation and please pray for us as we look for someone to fill this need.  Sadie is such an amazing sister to Hope, we don't want her to feel insecure through this process.  The more consistency we can give her, the better.


  1. Trust that FB is abuzz this morning with a ton of people using every network at their disposals to help out! Continuing to pray for your dear family, Amy.

  2. When we lived in Calgary, our children attended a wonderful dayhome through a Christian dayhome agency. Less germy than a daycare centre, and more consistent than shuffling all week. Perhaps you've already explored this, though...

  3. I'm interested! A friend posted this on FB, and then another friend sent me a private FB message when she saw it on FB. :) I'm 28, Christian, and have lots of nanying and childcare experience. Been doing a lot of casual work lately. And would love to meet and talk with you further! Feel free to email me and then I can pass along more info and contact details

  4. My daughter sent me this link as she thought i would be able to help you out. I am a grandma who is in my mid 50's and i usually do accounting work from home. My work is very portable. If you still find yourself in need of a babysitter til Dec 18/12 please contact me at

  5. I'm good friends with Deb Mertin, who passed this along. Let me know some details, and we'll be able to help with some connections.
    Email me at (Helen Thiessen)