Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Reality TV...here we come!

I am pretty confident there are hidden cameras following us or we're being prepped for reality TV.  Our life is starting to feel like a scripted TV show that is simply too crazy to believe.  Today Sadie fell off her bed in the afternoon.  This is not surprising, she's 2 and falls off or over something almost everyday.  Her bed is really low to the ground and a few kisses from mom usually heals all wounds.  Today we came home and Sadie was sleeping.  She often puts herself to bed if she's not feeling well.  I worried that she had a cold or ear infection brewing.  After her fall she snuggled with one of our friends as she cried and then laid down and went to sleep.  We're pretty sure now that she went to sleep because she was in shock...I never would have guessed that.

When Sadie woke up she told me right away that she hurt herself.  I picked her up and snuggled with her for a while.  When I put her down her right leg gave out and she fell to the floor screaming.  I picked her back up, comforted her until she calmed down and tried again.  Once again her right leg gave out and she began to scream.  Shawn decided she needed to go and have some X-rays.  I wasn't thrilled to drive back to the hospital after spending my day there, but didn't have much of a choice.

Sadie was chatting all the way there and telling me about her day, happy as can be.  I  put her in the stroller to take her in and she seemed completely fine, until the nurse touched her leg.  Then the screaming began again and she was less than impressed.  After a few X-rays we were told that she fractured her tibia.  This is apparently a common injury in toddlers and often happens from very minor falls.  Unless you turn the foot, it doesn't hurt too badly.  That is why she completely settles when she's not standing or being touched.

Sadie now has a cast that runs from her toes to her upper thigh.  She calls it her "boot" and keeps asking me to take it off.  She asked the nurse for a knife after the cast was put on.  They asked her why she needed a knife and she said, "to cut off my boot!"  Hopefully she adjusts to having it and not being able to walk for a few weeks.  Being two, she's not old enough to use crutches and is going to be pretty frustrated with her slow moving lifestyle.  We have yet to tell her that she won't be able to take a bath or go swimming, she'll be crushed.

As for Hope, she continues with her terrible diarrhea and has a diaper rash that is the worst I've ever seen.  Her retching is slightly better but is still not great.  Tomorrow we meet with GI and Cardiology at 11am and would truly appreciate your prayers for this meeting.  I'm going to stay home tomorrow with Sadie until the meeting to help her adjust to her new boot.  If things don't go well, I may need to spend the day with her and just pop in for a visit with Hope.  Once again I'm torn between my two girls and overwhelmed with caring for them.

I must admit, I laughed in the ER.  I simply cannot believe that our Sadie broke her leg from a minor fall and is in a full cast.  Please pray for this strong willed and independent child as she loses a lot of her freedom.  I wish I had the free time for a shopping trip, she would sit in the stroller for once and not be able to run away at least!  I have to look for the bright side of everything in life!


  1. Oh my word...you guys just can't catch a break, can you? Kidding, we are praying so hard for you!

  2. You poor, poor darlings! Praying things improve. You are loved even by us strangers. Try Ihle's Paste for Hope's bum rash. The only thing that works I find. You can get it at Shoppers Drug Mart but if you can't find it, ask the pharmacist. They often don't keep it in the baby aisle. It was developed by a pharmacist. It works so well. My babies had rashes so bad they bled and this was the only stuff that worked. Let me know if you can't get it and I'll see if I can rush mail some to you somehow. Take care. Call me anytime for prayers, encouragement,etc. 905-574-9402. I am a friend of Darci and Chris Kovac.

  3. You are amazing parents !
    You have been given a plate of life challenges that many of us couldn't handle but you persevere and even when you feel tired and feel that you aren't handling it you are still being stellar parents. Your babies feel loved and cared for. We have all been to the ER with our children having broken bones or accidents and falling off the bed....so don't feel guilty. Just keep thinking of how many people care and pray and most of all, admire you for what you do for your babies. I, for one, am amazed by you each and every day that I read your story. I think of you often and send a prayer to a guardian angel I have up there to send some healing support your way.