Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Stay Away Fevers!

Today was surprisingly less boring than originally anticipated.  Arriving at 8am, I thought I would be there in plenty of time.  Hope was already off having an echo when I walked in, things start early here.  The boring day turned  out to be very busy.  Hope had an echo, X-ray, ECG, blood work and 7 different visitors and that doesn't include all the doctors and nurses that came by!  We survived the day in one piece, but I was exhausted by 6pm and ready to crawl into bed.

Hope's blood work was an interesting experience.  We were so happy to have the amazing pediatricians back, they were able to get blood from Hope's PICC line, not easily!  Hope was fairly grumpy because of the second tooth continuing to come through.  I am terrified that her heart cath will be cancelled because of the fevers she spikes with teething.  PLEASE pray that Hope will go through the night fever free.  She was getting pretty high before I left for the night.

I need to keep it short as I have to be at the hospital at 6:30am, that's a bad start to a day.  Please pray she does really well tomorrow and can be transferred back to Calgary on Friday.  An update on Sadie...she is putting some weight on her right leg and shouldn't need to be re-casted, praise the Lord!  Thank you for continuing to pray for our family.


  1. it is the little victories we pray for Lord, watch over Amy and Hope today, give the doctors wisdom and skill as they take care of Hope. continue to strengthen and encourage Amy each day.

  2. Dear God,
    Please be ever near to Hope today. May all go as planned!!! Give her Mommy strength, courage and peace. Be with her Daddy as he is back home. Be with Sadie and continue to heal her. Lord be with them all on this day! Bring healing, Lord!!!

  3. I've been following your blog for several months now, and just wanted to say you're regularly in my thoughts and prayers, and especially today.