Monday, 14 January 2013


Just a quick update for those of you that aren't on Facebook.  Hope's PICC line was a success today and is now in her right leg in a better location.  Hope was able to have an epidural and did not need to go under a general anesthetic.  She spiked a bit of a fever after the procedure, but is resting well now.  We'll find out tomorrow morning if Edmonton has a bed for her and the transfer is a go.  If it is, I'll be on the road to Edmonton while Hope gets to fly VIP once again.

Thank you for praying us through today.  This is the first, and hopefully last, time that Hope was in the OR without Shawn or I at the hospital.  My stomach is still a bit unsettled and I didn't want to risk it until I was sure it was just food poisoning.  I guess I won't be stopping at Arby's for a quick lunch anytime soon!  Thankfully our little lady wasn't alone, but Shawn and I were pretty stressed all day not being there.


  1. Praising God for this step forward! Even this stranger in California has Hope and your family in my thoughts and prayers daily.

  2. Praise the LORD!! I know that has been an issue for a while, so glad that is now taken care of! Still praying....

  3. Thanking God for a step in the right direction! This stranger in Toronto (who has a daughter just three days younger thank Hope) prays every day for Hope and mummy and daddy (and Sadie!!). We are begging for miracles!