Wednesday, 19 September 2012

3 is Too Many!

I've decided that boring is a compliment.  I would rather be boring than complicated.  I love to hear Hope referred to as boring and I had hoped she would be boring all week.  Hope doesn't like boring, she likes to keep things interesting.

This morning they found that Hope's leg was cool once again and have ordered an ultrasound for her.  The ultrasound clinic was extremely busy today and she should be going to have that done tomorrow.  They agreed to allow us out on a day pass again today.  We got all ready and were on our way out the door at 11:30am when Hope had a huge throw up all over her nurse.  Her new formula makes it smell terrible, we even had a nurse we liked!  We cleaned her all up and got her in the stroller to make her escape.  I wasn't even out of the hospital when it happened again.  I had to go back upstairs, change her and talk with the nurse.  I was told that Hope could go, but would need to return immediately if it happened once more.

I am thrilled to announce that Hope did not throw up again and we were able to spend a full 7 hours outside of the hospital!  Hope was able to get some fresh air on the walk to and from the hospital, and was able to enjoy some family time at the Ronald McDonald House too.  It makes this entire experience easier when we get some breaks from the hospital like that.

I'm not sure if we'll be able to get out tomorrow while waiting for Hope's ultrasound.  Hopefully we'll be able to get some day passes on the weekend while Shawn is home too.  Please pray for Hope's tummy as she continues to adjust to this new formula.  Pray also for her right leg as we pray the blood flow improves and we don't have any further complications.  12 more days until surgery, please pray that Hope's abdomen would come down in size as we wait.


  1. What a blessing!

  2. Dear Amy ,
    I can relate all too well to your story. I'm so sorry that u and ur family are going thru this difficult time.

  3. We can choose Fear or Faith but we only get ONE choice. " But I trust in His unfailing Love" Ps 13:5. We r praying for u and ur family throughout the day and even now in the night. We have a 15 year old son who the Dr.'s said was not expected to make
    it to his first birthday. God determines how many days we should live before one of them ever arrives. Hope will live on.

  4. If u need help understanding the medical issues I will help u. I am a Nurse and have had Many years of experience in the hospital as a mommy and as a nurse. It's hard, especially if
    U do not get enough sleep. Do not hesitate to fully understand ur sweet baby's situation. Their are many Christian nurses and dr.s at the hospital. Some who are encouraged in their waiver ing Faith by seeing u trust in His unfailing love as
    U place your Hope in Christ. I will try to be there sat :-). In Christ's Love, Rebecca (Bex)