Sunday, 2 September 2012

In with the Masses

Today Hope was moved into the regular ward after she finished her final dose of Milrinone.  If this meant we were moving closer to going home, it might be exciting.  For us, it is a step in the wrong direction.  We will now be stuck in the ward until the doctors figure out what's going on with her stomach.  Then we have to begin the more difficult part of our journey; the heart cath and hopefully the second surgery.

The other disadvantage to the ward is our nursing care.  The nurses are stretched very thin on the ward and aren't able to give each child the attention they need.  It's not really fair for anyone; the child, the nurses or the parents.  As a result, we have to be at the hospital 24 hours a day and take turns sleeping there.  It's even worse than Calgary as the rooms are shared.  Even if Hope sleeps through the night, there's a chance that the other child will keep you up all night.  Please pray that Hope gets a very quiet roommate and that we're able to get through this time on the ward.  Please pray for wisdom for the GI doctors in Edmonton as well as the Cardiology team.

Holly was moved up to ICE today and was Hope's neighbour for a couple of hours.  It would have been amazing to be side by side with our friends.  We already had another friend across from us, it makes the time go faster.  At least we're all on the same floor and can see more of each other this way.

Sadie is still teething and was terribly grumpy today.  She is finally over her fever and we're hoping it stays that way.  I have no idea what I would do if I was alone with Sadie in her current state.  My mom and I tried everything while Shawn was at the hospital.  Hopefully she gets over this quickly as it can be very exhausting and we know it's not her fault.

Shawn plans to return to work next week, with Hope in the ward it makes sense.  I wish he was lazy and would stay at the hospital with me.  At the same time, I respect his commitment to his job and admire his endurance during such a tiring time.  Please pray for us as we balance that new dynamic.  Whoever is at the hospital will be alone all day while the other person is with Sadie.

Thank you for continuing to journey with us.

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  1. Sweet, precious Amy. I sense your exhaustion, your sadness, your confusion as to why it is as it is. I also sense your strength, your faith, your determination in spite of of the obstacles and your weariness. My heart goes out to you, Shawn, Sadie and Hope. It truly is a family situation.....trying to balance the practical, with the urgent, with the heart. Please know I admire your faith in God, your love for your family, your effort and desire to keep your family as normal as possible with such a trying situation. You are a good, precious mama. You are a good wife. You are a good woman and you are a precious child of God's. I am praying for all of you. I know you are tired, hopeful, scared, confused and probably a bit angry at times. My prayer is for God's comfort for all that is hard and for sweet Hope's progress. You are an inspiration in your honesty and faith. I can't imagine how weary you are but your are being a blessed, honest witness to your faith and trust in God. Blessings to you sweet little mama. <3