Friday, 14 September 2012

Prayers for Hope

It's more difficult to write updates when nothing is really happening around here.  I try to get something on the blog each day as I know how it feels to keep checking a blog and finding the post from a week ago.  No promises over the weekend as it gets pretty quiet around the hospital and we don't get a lot of information until Monday.

Hope had her blood drawn at noon today and her levels (for her blood thinners) were still in the proper range, but on the high side.  They will retest her on Monday to be sure they don't get too high and cause a bleed accidentally.  They were able to successfully draw blood on the first poke, this is a huge blessing as it has taken 4 or more on occasion.

One of our sweet friends is spending the night at the hospital with Hope tonight.  I have a terrible headache and need a good nights rest before returning tomorrow.  I'm hoping I feel a lot better in the morning as we try to spend some time with Sadie on the weekends while Shawn is around.  It's nice for her to have her parents together and not distracted by Hope and her care for a few hours each Saturday.    Please pray that I wake up refreshed and renewed.

Speaking of prayer, all I can say is WOW!  We have been in shock and awe as we look at the 24/7 prayer sign up for Hope.  It's so incredible to see the names of people I've never met and people that I have not seen for many years.  God is truly drawing the body of Christ together and we have seen it working the way that God intended.  What a beautiful sight when we can work together and follow God's leading.  We've been asked by a few people to extend it another week to open up some space.  Obviously we are thrilled to have Hope prayed for through the following week as well!  It should be added to the chart soon and will open up some times to people that haven't been able to sign up yet.

There is also a corporate prayer time that my brother and his wife in Australia have arranged.  We are meeting on Saturday, September 22nd at the Stollery Hospital here in Edmonton.  People are invited to gather at 10:30am in the healing garden on the 4th floor to pray for Hope's healing.  If you live around here, we'd love to have you there.  Here is the link to the facebook event:
We would have loved to meet in Hope's room and pray over her directly, but it's simply too dangerous for her weak immune system and would not be safe.  Meeting in the hospital itself will still be powerful and we look forward to this time.

If you don't hear much on the blog over the weekend, do not be alarmed.  There might not be a whole lot to update you on while all the specialists are off and not much will be happening with Hope's care until Monday.

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  1. Good news for today! Blood drawn, no problem, no activity going on, means that you can just rest, Hope can rest, and that is what that little girl body touching her except her mom and dad!!!

    I am sure that the journey of HOPE entering the world has been a ride of a life time. One that you thought you could never handle. God sure had other plans.
    May HE who has given you this precious little girl, bring you all through, with encouragement that He does know what He is doing, He is faithful, He loves her, and love you guys as well.
    Glad that there will be no activity for today or tomorrow....sometimes in the waiting, and rest of God's loving arms, there is peace!
    May He give you that this weekend.
    with much love, and prayer!