Friday, 21 September 2012

Pass and Prayer

Today was a much better day for Hope.  All of her tests came back negative and they did not find any signs of infection.  We praise the Lord for that answer to prayer!  Hope has been taken off the new formula and it has been decided that she simply will not tolerate it.  Looks like our daughter is taking after her dad.  Shawn would die if he saw the price of the specialty formula she was on.

This morning they introduced breast milk into the Pedialite and Hope seemed to tolerate it very well.  Tomorrow they will take out the Pedialite and start Hope on pure breast milk.  Then she will have her regular formula added in once again.  They are taking the changes very slowly to be sure we don't lose any of the ground we've already gained.

Hope was more herself today and we were able to take her out on a pass.  We got back to RMH just after 2pm and were able to keep her here until 7.  It was wonderful to be away from the hospital and to be able to renew our strength as we continue on this long journey.  It's hard to complain about the length of the journey.  We know that a very short journey would be one with a tragic end and we would rather spend a long time here and have our Hope be healthy.

Tomorrow morning is a time of corporate prayer at the Healing Garden of the hospital.  Some of our family organized this time of prayer and have invited churches from around Edmonton to come and join us as we pray for Hope's healing.  It's at 10:30am if any Edmontonians are reading this and would like to join us.  It's been so neat to hear from hospital staff that their churches are praying for Hope.  They may not have known about our faith otherwise.  It allows us to have such beautiful conversations about God with them.

Our specific prayer needs for those that continue to pray for Hope are:

- that Hope will be healed from the ascites (fluid in her abdomen), before her next surgery - the ascites poses more risks for the surgeon

- that Hope will remain free of infection while she awaits her surgeries

- that God would give the doctors wisdom in making critical decisions for Hope

- that Hope's hernia would remain stable until her surgery

- that Hope's clotting issue in her blood would be healed

- that God would heal Hope's liver issues as this will greatly affect the 3rd surgery 

- that Amy and Shawn would remain faithful to God and lean on HIm for strength

- that God would be glorified in what He is going to do in Hope's life

- that Sadie would not be negatively affected by all the upheaval

Thank you for loving on our family and being such a blessing in our lives.


  1. Precious little sweetheart. Love this little picture of her. Will pray here in Sarnia tomorrow at 12:30 which will I believe will be the same time as you are praying in Edmonton. Hope has found a very special place in my heart and I pray often for her and for all of you as well throughout the day. May God bless this sweet little girl who has become loved by even strangers...with healing. May He give the Doctor's wisdom and may He cover you and Shawn with peace.

  2. Im continuing to pray for your precious little girl and her family!
    Bronwyn Hall

  3. Prayers and love from NYC.... Jesus heal her body and bring her deliverance and strength!!!