Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Temporary Freedom

Today was pretty exciting for Hope, she was given a pass to leave the hospital for 4 hours!  We walked home from the hospital and brought Hope to the Ronald McDonald House for the first time.  She was there while I was pregnant, but has never been inside the house since.  It felt incredible to have her here and to welcome Shawn home from work.  I long to have both my girls in the same place with me, and today it happened.

The nurse practitioner corrected herself at rounds this morning.  She had told me that Hope's surgery was on October 4th, but had meant to say October 1st.  This makes a lot more sense as I thought she'd said it was on a Monday.  In the next 13 days there won't be a lot happening with Hope.  She will have to be taken to have her PICC line put in and a have a consult with Anesthesia.  It was decided at rounds that Hope would receive day passes to leave for a few hours each day until they needed to start prepping for the hernia surgery.  This will be such a blessing for our family and will make for a fun weekend together at the house.

Before we left the hospital today, Hope had blood drawn (successfully!) and a feeding test.  She still hates the bottle and isn't any closer to eating orally.  I do have to applaud their persistence to teach her!  I'm believing she won't start high school with a tube in her nose, hopefully.  They made a change to Hope's formula, in hopes that it will up her protein levels without an infusion.  She did throw up today, hopefully it was an isolated incident and she tolerates the formula well.  Please pray for her little tummy as she works through this change.

I asked the cardiologist if Hope would be able to have the Glenn after her hernia surgery.  He didn't give me a straight answer, but said he hoped so.  We'd really like to bring her back to Calgary in stable condition and not be as concerned about her.  Please pray that if they won't do the Glenn, that God would provide a way for us to stay here.  I can't even believe I'm saying that, but Hope's safety is top priority!

Don't stop praying for a miracle!

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