Thursday, 20 September 2012

Many Minors

Today was not an awesome day for Hope or her mom.  We both had a terrible sleep, she wouldn't settle and morning came far too quickly.  Hope threw up twice in the night and they had to put her back on continuous feeds.  She was extremely irritable, had poor colour and was simply not herself.  They decided to put her back on pure breast milk during rounds.  This is not our best option as we're running out of milk and won't have this option for long.  It didn't seem to help though and she continued to go down hill throughout the day.  By the afternoon they took Hope off her feeds and began running pedialite to rehydrate her.  Hope was extremely dry from the vomiting in the night, and the diarrhea during the day.

This seemed to really help, and she was much happier off her feeds and settled.  Unfortunately, they had to investigate further and do tests and she didn't get a chance to sleep.  Medical staff were in and out of our room all day long.  We had doctors in to look at her hernia, her vagina is covered in a rash and we needed to make sure it was not associated with the hernia.  They decided that it was not and we are able to continue waiting for the surgery.  They wanted to run some tests on Hope's blood.  This is always discouraging news, it took 4 pokes before they successfully drew all the blood they needed.  Two in the head and two in her heel, it's pretty terrible to watch.

The PICU had been alerted and a bed was ready for her just in case.  This was precautionary and thankfully unnecessary at this point.  We're asking you to pray that this was purely an issue with Hope's feeds.  We are praying against her having any kind of infection that could make things any worse.  Please continue to pray for wisdom as the doctors look for a solution with Hope.


  1. Praying for you and beautiful Hope everyday. Isn't God amazing? How only He could bring us do close to the edge, but He is the one who holds our hands and whispers to our heart, urging us to keep going & that with his guidance we will be all right.

  2. continuing in prayer for you all, especislly sweet hope! praying with you in all these specifics. with love, prayer and petitioning from toronto, annie, paul and miles