Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Big Changes...Big Results?

This poor city is being hit with rotavirus like crazy.  People are getting sick all around us and Hope's unit at the hospital has a huge outbreak of it.  This is my warning to the public, start washing your hands people.  Never eat without washing your hands with soap and be diligent with your kids.  Hand sanitizer doesn't kill it and barfing and diarrhea is not a good time.  Nurse Rachelle got it on Monday and does not recommend it.  We've been juggling our schedule to get things covered but have survived with the help of some very gracious people.  Sadie had a blast with her friend Jonah today and wasn't too upset about plans changing on her.  Thankfully she's a very easy going child.

Today the doctors met to discuss Hope and invited me in at the end to talk about their plans.  It was an encouraging meeting.  They've decided to go up 1 ml every 6 hours now.  That allows Hope to increase by 4 mls a day and will get us to full feeds in 6 days!  Please pray that this works beautifully without delays.  Can you imagine how incredible it would be to get her on full feeds and off of TPN.  We'd get to take her HOME!!  Holding my breath and praying for a miracle, home by Hope's birthday would be a dream.

Hope was put back on oxygen today as the fluid in her body is shifting in her lungs.  We're hoping the diuretics will work quickly and that she'll be back on room air once again.

Please pray for us as we make big changes this week and hope for BIG results.


  1. Listen to Amy's warning sucks!! Besides the diarrhea and barfing, the abdominal pains are awful!!! I was trying to keep myself hydrated by forcing myself to try taking one sip of water every 20 min so I wouldn't have to go into the hospital for hydration (sometimes I could keep the little bit of water down, and other times it came right back up)...I think I had a very severe case for an adult, but luckily it passed quickly...poor Hope had to battle it so much longer than I did and I don't know how she still smiled while doing it....she is such a little trooper! <3 BUT the worst part of all of this is I had to cancel some of my last shifts with Hope this week...something I was going to cherish :( I hate rotavirus! -Nursey!

  2. Will be praying for these big results and for hope to be homeby her birthday!