Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Beast is Back

Hope began vomiting on a regular basis from 9pm until this morning.  They stopped her feeds in the morning completely.  As I got ready this morning I had to stop multiple times and have a good cry.  I was late arriving to the hospital and felt terrible.  I knew that poor Sherilyn had hardly any sleep through the night and was likely dying to get home for a nap.  

Hope was started on pedialyte to keep her hydrated.  The Cardiologist came and noted that Hope was extremely dry.  She wondered if we had overly dried her out with all the diuretics.  She felt that she could be vomiting from extreme dehydration.  I hoped she was right, but worry that she's not.  The pediatrician felt that Hope's X-ray showed a high level of poop in her bowels.  She was given a suppository and took care of business soon after.  Her poop smelt exactly like Rotavirus and she slept almost the entire day.  I'd like to believe that she was just tired from the night, but I'm positive she has Rotavirus again.  It is extremely rare and almost unheard of to get it twice, back to back, but Hope loves to do rare things.

Hope's poop was sent to the lab for testing and we should find out tomorrow if it's Rotavirus.  We asked the doctor to start Hope on 50% breast milk and 50% pedialyte, which they have done.  Hopefully she will tolerate that well through the night and it will keep her tummy used to getting milk and also give her more calories.  

Going home on Monday is pretty much out the window.  No one has officially said that yet, but I'd be crazy not to realize that reality.  If she has Rotavirus, our delay will be based on how long her symptoms last.  I would guess 7-14 days.  If she was simply too dry and needs to be balanced, we may only be delayed a few days.  That does not explain the extremely foul smelling poop.  It is identical to her smells from last time.

I went from extremely sad this morning to numb.  I am back to my numb and unemotional place of realizing that this sucks, but that I can't change it.  Every inconvenience about hospital life is getting more difficult to bear, yet I know I need to keep my head up for Hope.  

Please pray that we would not receive ANY further bad news with Hope.  Please pray that this is not a feeding intolerance in any way and that she'd be back to her normal feeds soon.  Join us in praying that whatever is wrong right now, will be dealt with quickly and easily.  We need to get Hope out of the hospital, it is clearly full of germs and not a safe place for her.


  1. Has Hope been tested for Clostridium difficile (C difficile). With all the antibiotics she has been on, she could have antibiotic induced cdiff. She seems to have many of the symptoms. I would definitely ask to have her tested for it (stool sample). Praying she gets better soon and God will continue to give you and your family strength.

  2. Praying for Hope and you all! Every single day. I just want to encourage you in the Lord, and yet know that I have no other words than to throw my hope & trust in the Lord for you & trust that His good plans will be just that for you!. "Cast all your cares upon the Lord, He will sustain you!" Ps. 55:22. Bless you Amy! As I've walked my own valley these past 11 months(very different from yours), God has spoken hope & faith & peace through you & your grace! Thank you for clinging to Jesus when it's easy to "toss in the towel!" Sincere sisterly love, Norway.

  3. I have been following your journey ever since Ryan asked us to pray. And we have been praying. Diligently. I'm asking God again to give you peace for whatever lies ahead. It's probably not easy for you to pray right now so we will do the praying for you. May God cover you with the blood of Jesus and give you and your family peace. Jesus IS the Prince of Peace. Love from the Alms

  4. Amy, I am praying that if not tomorrow, Hope will be home for Easter!!! What a celebration that would be! Continued prayers for Hope's health, and strength and patience for you and Shawn. You are such an inspiration!

  5. Amy all feelings are real and you have to verbalize them and not beat yourself to death or feel guilty for having emotions. All of us question and that is only human nature. Know that you and your family are loved and supported not only by God but your whole community of family, friends and those who are touched by you through them. We embrace you and your family.