Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Migraine and Marriage

Hope is getting better each day and is more like herself.  The doctors are hoping to start Hope back on her feeds on Friday.  The plan is to keep her feeds minimal for the weekend and start working her up on Monday.  We've decided to keep them low fat for the weekend, but not completely fat free.  This will show us if her intolerance was based on the Rotavirus, or a true intolerance to the feeds.

Hope had an ultrasound today that looked fairly normal.  They are continuing to hold off on further testing but are not ready to drop the idea.  Hope is still pooping, but not very often.  It's a fine balance, if she doesn't go enough, they'll worry that she has a blockage somewhere.  If she goes too often, it will show that the Rotavirus is really bad and she'll need more time off feeds and will risk throwing off her electrolytes.  Please pray that she is regular, but not too regular.  It sounds like a pretty odd prayer, but is truly important.

I have been fighting with a migraine all day and it was a struggle to engage with Hope at the hospital.  I wanted to spend the day in bed, yet wanted to enjoy the smiles that are slowly returning on her face.  I'm hoping to wake up feeling a lot better tomorrow and ready for a day with my girl.

Shawn and I sat at dinner tonight and talked about our marriage.  We've started reading a book about marriage and were discussing how we felt we were doing.  The first chapters focus on having a friendship and the importance of that.  We both felt that making an effort to be together for dinner and for me to sleep at home with my family has been vital to our relationship.  When I was living in the hospital full time, it was not healthy and extremely difficult.  Being at the hospital during the day with Hope is more like I'm a working mother, not an absent one.  It works for our family, although it is not our ideal, we are making it work.  It allows me to have a relationship with Hope, Shawn and Sadie.  Losing our home care nurse is difficult, as we realize it might take away some of those times we had at home together and move me back into the hospital more.  Please pray that God provides volunteers to stay with Hope in the evenings and overnight so we can have a balance in our crazy lives and keep our relationship healthy and strong.  Thank you to everyone that is already blessing us in this way.


  1. Hi Amy,
    One of your regular followers got in touch with me about Hope, and your current situation with losing your home care nurse. I am a 3rd year registered nursing student, with a passion for pediatrics.
    I would love to get in touch with you and see I can be of some assistance. My email address is

  2. We are desperate right now for volunteers during the week to do overnights; if anyone would be willing to have a sleepover with Hope Sunday-Wednesday while a new nurse is found please email