Monday, 18 March 2013

Good-bye Nursey

Hope continues to receive positive reports from the doctors that come to see her.  The cardiologist told me that she only comes for social visits now, Hope doesn't need to see them everyday.  They are thrilled with how she's progressing and have finally begun talking about us going home and no longer believe I'm crazy.  Hope should be on full feeds by the end of the week.  Today her feeds were held at 19 mls an hour for the next 24 hours.  This was done in order to concentrate them up again.  They want to make sure she tolerates that well, before adding more volume to her stomach as well.

Hope's diaper rash continues to look sore, but does appear to be improving.  I let her hang out in her birthday suit for her morning nap today.  She eventually peed and later pooped on the soaker pad.  I'll have to send my personal apologies to hospital laundry.  

Once Hope is on full feeds, we need to wean her off all of her IV medications.  This won't be a huge problem, other than the Lasix.  Hope absolutely loves her diuretics and it is never easy to move her from IV Lasix to oral.  They hope to find a balance that will work for Hope and have it done in a 2 week period of time.  After this is accomplished, the PICC line will be removed and Hope will be discharged!

Our doctor remains skeptical that Hope will be discharged by her 1st birthday.  It would be tight, but I believe it is possible.  I'm praying for a miracle for that day.  We should be able to take her out on a pass by that point either way.  It would be nicer to not return to the hospital room after the party though.  

I'm beginning to wonder what it will feel like to have Hope at home.  What will it feel like to be a true stay at home mom once again.  How will I adjust to full days with a high maintenance 1 year old and one very energetic 2.5 year old?  I want to be cautious that I don't romanticize returning home and forget how much work it truly is.  I need to prepare myself for it all, but in the end I'm up for anything that involves my family under one roof!

Tonight is wonderful Rachelle's last night with Hope.  It's hard to believe it is her final shift with Hope and that she is about to embark on a new adventure.  Please pray for Rachelle as she goes through such a major transition.  She has been an incredible gift to our family and we pray that she finds an amazing job and a life that brings her great joy as she moves on.  We know that God brought her into our life for many reasons.  Rachelle was exactly what our family needed, and we were what she needed.  Through the relationship that was formed, God was able to capture Rachelle's heart, the greatest and most important gift that can be received.  We praise God for everything He has given our family through her.

In an effort to make our marriage a priority and to focus on maintaining a strong friendship with one another, tonight was date night.  Shawn and I had the privilege of going out for Sushi and dreaming about the things we want to do as a family this summer.  We then drove around our favourite area of the city and explored, something we enjoy doing.  I often stop and feel overwhelmed by how blessed Shawn and I are to have the love that we do for each other.  So many relationships are destroyed by the strain of sick and dying children, but it is the power of God that keeps our marriage protected.  Please continue to pray for us as we continue on this journey with Sadie and Hope.


  1. The gift of Rachelle to our family is a true example of how God has provided every single need along this journey and blessed in ways we never imagined. Who would ever have dreamed that Hope's night nurse would not only provide her with such professional and careful nursing care, but would love her so sacrificially and selflessly and consistently pour out love to her in such a tender and tangible way. God has blessed little Hope, and Shawn and Amy, and all of us by bringing Rachelle into our lives. She will always hold a special place in our hearts. We are sad to see her go, but ever so grateful for the time that she has spent caring for and loving our little Hope! Thank you Rachelle - we love you.
    Love Nana

  2. Karen Richardson18 March 2013 at 22:43

    Thank you, Jesus! This is happy news about how well Hope is doing. :) Continuing to pray.

  3. Indeed, thank you Jesus for your continued provision and answer to prayer. We will continue to lift you all in prayer.

  4. Thank you God for your love, mercy, healing and hope. We pray Hope will continue to heal and be strong enough to return home. We praise God for having sustained you all through this long ordeal. Oh what a testimony has been built.

  5. Amy, you have spoken to so many lives through your example! (mine included) Thank you for loving & trusting in the Lord with ALL your heart! And for reminding me how important faith is! So proud of you as a sister in the Lord! And believing with you Hope will be home for her 1st birthday! (Norway).

  6. Praise God!! I am so thrilled to hear of precious Hope's progress. God is good!

  7. Amy ask the Dr's if this rash could be a yeast infection. That is what I found out with my daughter when her "rash" didn't get better it wasn't a rash at all.

  8. Sending Positive thoughts for all from Sydney, Australia. Temps yesterday hanging around 25 degrees C.