Sunday, 3 March 2013

Snow Angels

It's always wonderful to have Shawn home from work on the weekends.  We had a great weekend as a family and continued to get lots of smiles from Hope.  Shawn was able to spend the day at the hospital with her today and enjoyed a long afternoon nap next to her on the bed.  She adores sleeping next to Shawn or I and always has such wonderful naps there.

I was at the hospital for the morning with our family but left before lunch with Sadie.  We ran a quick errand before coming home to get away from the snow storm.  I was able to get some laundry done, tidy the house and at least consider cleaning it.  I never did get any of the cleaning done.  Sadie and I bundled up and did some shovelling.  She eventually got cold and wanted to go inside, Uncle James came to finish it for us.  Our neighbours on both sides have been such a blessing all winter.  Every time it snows they have been out shovelling to make it easier for me to leave for the hospital each morning.  My snow angels!

I was told this weekend that Hope will be taken to the OR on April 30th to have her varices looked at once again.  Please join me in praying that they continue to heal and will not need to be treated.  This would also show us that the pressures in her liver are continuing to improve.  I truly pray that we are out of hospital before that date and are simply coming in for the day.  

Hope is up to 10 mls per hour on her feeds and continues to tolerate them beautifully.  She is growing, gaining weight and developing.  It is such a wonderful thing to see and we praise God for the progress she is making.  I also continue to pray that the Chylothorax does not return and we're able to bring her home before March ends.  It may be an unrealistic dream, but it's one that I enjoy and choose to continue!

Thank you for continuing to lift our family up in prayer and following along.
My Amazing Smiles

Hot Chocolate with Mommy

Beautiful Hope


  1. What beautiful wee girls you have. Those smiles must be so precious.

  2. Cute pics! Thank you. Continuing to pray but not from Ontario for awhile. Now from New Zealand. But I am quite sure positive thoughts know no international boundaries. Stay strong. HOPE-ing for more good news days for you.

  3. Cheryl, Montreal4 March 2013 at 10:57

    God bless your little girls and God's continued blessings on you and Shawn and all those who keep helping out..including the 'snow angels' xoxo

  4. What cutie pies! They are beautiful! Still praying.